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Wow. Even when they play a relatively ugly game, the Mets win. Things looked bad through five, but the rotation held strong, and the bats started to heat up like your Mom’s pizza rolls fresh out of the oven. The Mets have not lost a series since the Korean War. I could give you a long tangent about their situation hitting or speak on how outstanding their rotation has been, but let’s just let stats talk, shall we?

On Base %: 0.335 (#1)

Opp On Base %: 0.274 (#2)

Opp Strikeout %: 27.5% (#2)

Batting Avg: 0.255 (#3)

Opp Batting Avg: 0.208 (#3)

Opp Run Differential: -36.0 (#3)

THIS TEAM IS DIFFERENT. Every day, guys from the tristate wake up at 6 AM with sore backs and get out of bed to drive to their thankless jobs. All Winter, they trek through the sludge water and face the blistering cold, and for what? To drink beer and watch Mets baseball. A distraction from the debt, a distraction from the politics, and a distraction from their families. And every year, like clockwork, the Mets disappoint these people worse than me in bed after six rum & cokes. But this year…this year feels different. This year it feels like Tom might finally catch Jerry, and finally, after years of misery, the everyday people that inhabit the tri-state area might feel like champions. 

Also, the Nationals stink- the Nats stink worse than a gym sock that farted. Take the Mets to sweep. 

Regardless of what happens, bet $5 & get $200 back with DraftKings!

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