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It’s not a question of whether or not Tennessee will beat Akron, it’s a question of by how much. This is the best Vols team we’ve seen since 2016, and an ugly win on the road against Pitt proved it. It was not quite Nebraska ugly, but for how good this Vols team is, they should have won that game more convincingly. It was sort of like when your girlfriend starts complaining that she’s ugly, and then the lady behind the cash register with no teeth at Piggly Wiggly asks you if you need a bag, you know? Hendon Hooker and Cedric Tillman didn’t have their best games. Hooker played up to his last name, missing throws and making a few bad reads but getting the job done nonetheless. Tillman had two pretty bad drops, nothing to worry about too much. The Vols’ defense had a gutsy performance on the road, putting both Pittsburgh quarterbacks under more pressure than a father of five during the 2008 financial crisis- their sixteen pressures was the most by a Tennessee defense in ten years.

We can sit and talk about the Vols all we want; however, I’d prefer to talk about Akron. Akron is the worst team in college football, they’ve won three games in the last three seasons, and they gave up, on average, forty points a game last year. Michigan State just beat them fifty-two to zero. War criminals have been executed for much less than what the Vols will do to Akron on Saturday night. This team will get so emasculated that Jordan Peterson will probably appear on their campus next week. Vegas likes Tennessee -47, and as sad as it is to say, it’s not enough. This is one of those games where the Vols’ offense will play like they’re the Harlem Globetrotters. Take the Vols to win, cover, take your free $200 from DraftKings!

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