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Think about you being twelve years old. Your friend is over, you’re both wearing sneakers that caused some poor Chinese kid to have nerve damage in his fingers, you’re talking about girls, and there’s a bag of chips between you guys. What are you doing at that moment? You’re playing 2kMadden, or MLB The Show. Then when you first got to college, as soon as you found out what the term “parlay” meant, you were instantly hooked on the idea of gambling on your favorite thing in the world, sports. Now, you know what your unit is; you gamble along with your favorite friends and internet personalities; sometimes, your girlfriend gets upset because she wanted to go to the mid-tier Italian place in town, but you could only afford Olive Garden because the Hornets STINK.  

Lucra is an app where you can bet directly against your friend on a player of your choice. For instance, your boy loves efficiency stats, and he thinks Jokic will score more tonight than Joel Embiid. You say HELL NO. You challenge him on the app, put the wager in, and if he accepts, the money is automatically deposited into the winner’s account. In real-time, you get to track how close things are getting, and there are options for every sport. It’s like Venmo, but for sports betting. With Lucra, you aren’t betting against the house, you’re betting against your friend who got so drunk he pissed his pants on his birthday. We even have a deal for you to sign up. Download the app and receive $10 free to bet against your friends with on the NBA Playoffs.

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