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Get $1,000 Back and $100 In Site Credits On FanDuel’s Online Casino

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The Summer is over, you haven’t seen a bikini in what feels like a millennium, and you’re getting ready for another long Winter. Four to five months of shoveling snow and hearing your parents getting politically radicalized by the media. The Holiday season is great and all, but let’s be real, the number of inexpensive activities you can do has shrunk by half. You long for the days of drinking beer by a body of water. You’re cramped up inside your home with nothing to do except wait for football on Sundays.

I have good news. FanDuel Casino is offering new users $1000 back for your first 24 hours + $100 in site credits. It’s no plane ticket to the Bahamas or McLaren 720S, but it’s something to do over the colder months and, in a way…I guess it’s a little bit of free money too. Winter is coming, gentlemen. Best of luck. 

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