Get A $50 Instant Bonus During The NBA Playoffs With SuperDraft

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SuperDraft is the most entertaining, bang for your buck DFS app on the market right now. It’s essentially fantasy sports made for degenerate sports fans.

Odds are, when you were a kid, you rushed home from practice to half-ass your homework, sneak some Dunkaroos from the pantry, and play with the ultimate team you had for whatever EA sports game was relevant that season until your eyes felt like you were sitting in Wiz Khalifa’s green room. You would sit there, making defenders look sillier then a guy still wearing his mask outside, running circles around a poorly digitized version of Ray Lewis until Mom would threaten to unplug the console unless you went to bed. Before talks of a third World War or letting the internet frustrate you on a daily basis, these were simpler times.

Then, as you got older, you learned about an app that rhymes with…RaftWings. On that app, you could build a fantasy lineup, living your dream as a GM from your cubicle, and every once in a while, you would win money on it. This app revolutionized the game. For the first time, sports bettors got to use their knowledge to outwit their friends and other random guys across the country, pinch-itching their nutsacks and drinking light beer. But here’s the deal, folks, that app, the one that rhymes with RaftWings, is a publicly-traded company now. And while I give them all the props in the world for changing the gambling industry forever, a better app has come around.

SuperDraft recently launched and is taking the DFS market by storm. And because they are young enough to fly on a private jet to Little Saint James, they have the offers and customer service support to make sure that their customers return every time. If you think about it…they kind of have to. They reward you for your loyalty, the interface looks better than a Florida State chick in Gym Shark, and it’s so easy to use that your dumbest friend…yeah that guy, the one in your head whose portfolio is messier than the Battle of Antietam…he could figure it out in 3 minutes max. So, sign up here for a $50 match on a $50 deposit.

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