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Both of these teams come into this game hotter than Denise Richards in Wild Things. Last weekend, the Dolphins played one of the most exciting football games in NFL history. Before Tua Tagovailoa’s legendary fourth quarter, teams trailing in that scenario were 0-711, now that stat says 1-711. Tagovailoa went thirty-six of fifty for 469 yards and six touchdown passes, and it’s safe to say that, after two years of darkness, TuAnon is back in full force as die-hard fans all over South Florida are back to posting on message boards. The Dolphins’ air-raid attack is so fierce, that had they been part of the Allies, World War II would have ended a full year earlier than it did. Tua Tagovailoa is completing 71.1 percent of his passes for 739 yards, seven touchdowns and two interceptions. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle have combined for 524 receiving yards and five touchdowns. The Mike McDaniels offense has more weapons than a Kyle Rittenhouse shopping spree, and he’s extracting the skill set from his skill position players perfectly. While Miami’s offense might be great, the story isn’t the same on defense. Lamar Jackson made dolphin-soup out of Miami’s secondary, and their defensive unit is last in the league in yards per play allowed.

The Bills are a more complete team than the Dolphins. They beat the Titans so badly on Monday, war criminals have been sent to death row for less. Josh Allen tied a career high with four touchdown passes, en route to 317 yards. Stefon Diggs was even more impressive, amassing twelve receptions for 148 yards and three touchdowns. What else can you say about this Bills offense? They have the best quarterback in the league and the offensive line protects him like they’re in their postpartum period. Their receiving core drops balls so rarely, they could catch an STD from a Mormon. Sure, they could run the ball a little more frequently, but that’s like saying Kim Kardashian could be a little hotter. And Buffalo’s defense? The Bills have the best passing defense in the league, which currently sits second in the NFL in yards per play allowed. The run defense is equally as dominant. They made Derrick Henry look like Trent Richardson earlier this week. Vegas likes Buffalo -6, and they will win by a touch more than that in a VERY high scoring game. The Bills were 10-7-2 ATS last season. Take the Bills to win, and cover, and be sure to bet with Bet365!

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