21 Of The Wildest Forbidden Sex Stories You’ll Ever Read

There is nothing like forbidden fruit. I mean, just think about what life would be like without temptation. Probably a lot better and more satisfying, but whatever.

And is there a stronger temptation out there than the one between two sexually stimulated individuals and their quest to fuck immediately? Hell no. Trust me, I would know. I’ve had sex four times this year.

Here are just a few examples of people caving in on the temptation of forbidden fornication. Enjoy.

From Reddit:

I sucked my ex boyfriend’s dick on the Scooby Doo ride at a theme park. Got called out over the loud speaker for it, too.

Did they catch you on those cameras that take pics of the “exciting moment?”

I hooked up with my Lieutenant while stationed overseas. I was enlisted. She was hot.

It was either her or a camel, so, for that, I salute you.

Had sex with a coworker, during work hours, on my boss’s desk. Coworker was also the boss’s cousin

Meanwhile, my work hours are spent trying to find GoodContent™.

Back in high school I had sex with this Lebanese girl in her dad’s car. Eventually her dad found out and sent her and her sister back to live in Lebanon with other family there because apparently Western life has corrupted his daughter.

You got her deported by her own father. You should feel bad.

having your parents turn around 1 hour into a roadtrip can have consequences.

Parents went to go celebrate my sisters birthday at IU and our place was in Fort Wayne. About halfway to Indy, they realize that they forgot my sisters gift and its not too late to turn around, so they do. They walk in to me balls deep in a family friends anus on the living room coffee table with her hair wrapped around my wrist. Feelsbadman.

My dad no longer thought I was gay and we got a nice new coffee table immediately though. Silver linings.

How to get a new coffee table.

“when the foreign exchange student comes you’re not allowed to bang her.” – my mother.

2 weeks after she got there.

You disappointed your mom.

Ex-girlfriends mom’s girlfriend gave me a BJ

Kinda hot actually.

Back in my single days, I’d regularly sleep with married women while their husbands watched or listened at the door. Some kinks are odd, but I’m not one to judge, especially if I’m reaping the benefits.

Why would a man want to watch that?

List my virginity in a cemetery… pretty fucked up now that I think about it

R.I.P. your virginity.

I banged my half sister while her kids were asleep.

Good ol’ incest.

I’m a exmormon and I recently had sex in a Mormon Church. I also put in God’s loop hole

You’re going to mormon hell, if they have one.

A girl ate me out in a church parking lot while the rest of my family were inside attending service.

Church girls are the freakiest of them all.

I dated someone with an exteremly…open family.

He had a thing for exhibition around them. Constantly making sex jokes between all the siblings, alluding to our sex life, yanking the top of my shirt down around his dad once, watching nearly straight up porn with his whole family….it was a weird ass family.

So, His oldest sister comes into town and his dad (who works out of state) is in town too. Big cause for celebration. I meet them at their place and we all drive into town (about 35 minutes) for dinner. They had a three row car and we sat in the very back together. Being 18 and constantly in the mood, I ended up giving him a hand job through the leg of his shorts during the drive. No one seemed to notice, he went crazy for it but getting nothing in return upped the horny factor by 10. Dinner passed awkwardly, ended up back his place since I had been crashing there. We’re laying in bed watching TV when his sister knocks on the door. She said she knew what had happened and can’t believe “we’d been so naughty” (barf). They kept joking back and forth and it was massively grossing me out, they made some joke I didn’t catch and he goes “oh yeah, she loves it” and grabbed me and started making out with me. Still being exteremly horny, I got into it and started aggressively returning the kiss after a few seconds. We got really into it and I got into his lap and we were basically dry humping in front of his sister. She got up locked and closed the door, came and sat on the bed and told us to keep going…I hesitated because this is weird af but he goes “oh I’ve heard her have sex before, it’s cool…” we kept messing around, I completely lost my head and ended up not even noticing his sister…until she started kissing my neck..

Long story made slightly less long, I ended up making out with my ex boyfriends sister while he did me from behind while his entire family was a few feet away in the living room.

The rest of his family probably would have joined in if they knew.

When I was 22 I worked in video rental store and this 16 year old boy would come in every time I worked and hang around for hours. I knew he was super into me, and one night I was upset about something and he was being super sweet and comforting me and it turned me on like crazy. At closing time I asked him to come into the back to help me with something and I just started rubbing his crotch, then got on my knees and took his cock out and started sucking it. We spent that summer having hot sex in the back room every chance we could get.

So you committed statutory rape?

A couple of MMF threesomes. The girl and other guy were married, but not to each other.

Also hookers in Tijuana. Going there again on Sunday.

This guy is going to have a good Sunday.

I had sex with my girlfriend in the girls locker room back when I was in high school. Twas a good day.

Every guy’s dream growing up.

14, met a strict christian girl on a school trip with other schools. Got her to come to a party, and we got down (hands only) in a living room surrounded by 7-10 sleeping 14 year olds. Then a week later we went to the movies to watch the first Harry Potter when it came out. She was no longer wearing her WWJD braclet, proceeded to jerk me off in the cinema. To my horror, we bumped into my parents on the way out of the screen. Mum didn’t see but my Dad did…

Mum: Did you enjoy the film? Dad: Yeah he did!

Dads are the best.

Fingerd my bosses wife, fucked his college daughter multiple times and hooked up with his childrens babysitter. He would shoot me in the face if he knew.

How to get fired 101.

Lost virginity to ex girlfriend. Asked for a condom from the guy she was dating at the time. Sorry Paul.

Paul is the name of a guy who would let his girlfriend get fucked by someone else.

A married woman up against the side of her house while her husband was inside. He never found out but would have probably killed me as he was crazy.

Never stick your dick in crazy or stick your dick in someone who is married to crazy.

Fingered a girl under a blanket five feet away from her dad while we were all watching LoTR.

That’s a bold move. Extremely bold.

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Written by Malcolm Henry

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