23 Girls Revealing the Sluttiest Things They’ve Done Will Make You Never Want A Daughter

Having a girl sounds like a god damn nightmare. She’s going to have my appealing genes so a lot of men are going to be drawn to her. I just can’t fight off all those men. I’ve seen the things we degenerates post on here. All the Instagram Babes of the Day, the partying, and, my God, the twerking. I just can’t mentally handle that with a future daughter.

Then I ran into this thread on the great site that is Reddit. Girls (and guys) were sharing the sluttiest things they’ve ever done. It’s frightening to think about what some of these daughters are capable of.

Was at a party and saw a really hot guy, told my friend “I’m gonna fuck him tonight”. Hit on him a lot and he told me, “I’m really more into dudes” I said “I can work with that” Grabbed him and another dude and had a 3way in the bathroom.

Did you turn him straight, though?

I was at a bar and this guy was flirting hard with me. I had a good buzz on and he talked a good game, but then another girl shows up and it turns out she’s his girlfriend and they were poly. I really wasn’t sure about getting involved in that, and they were both working hard to convince me. We were in this kind of semi-circle booth in a corner and all of a sudden the girl shimmies under the table and tells me she’s going to convince me. She got my panties off (I was wearing a short skirt) and he grabbed my hands and told me not to look away from his eyes. She tongued me and I squeezed the fuck out of his hands and when I started to come I noticed a couple of people who were standing at that end of the bar were looking right at me but it was too late so I just let it happen.

At that point, the people were probably just enjoying the show.

I lost my virginity to a random foreigner in a field after offering him cookies.

He probably had no idea what you were offering, but he loves America now.

I once had a threesome with my then-boyfriend (now husband) and a girl we met at a housewarming party-gone- wild. We did it in the back of a pickup truck in the driveway, and without giving away too much detail, there wasn’t really anything off limits.

I need to start going to more housewarming parties.

One of my friends in college was getting teased for being virgin and getting the typical, “haha he’ll never have a girlfriend!” bullshit. I waited til all his roommates were home (apt style living where everyone has their own bedroom) and fucked him as loudly as possible. It put a stop to that shit real fast and it gave him a needed confidence boost to start dating.

You the real MVP.

Blowjobs in a movie theatre watching the Lego movie.

Oh, come on! That’s a kids movie for Christ’s sake.

I had sex w 4 different guys in one day. The last 3 guys being within 2 hours of each other. No remorse just a sore vagina

That’s a lot of dick.

I had sex with my step brother a few times in our garage over the summer before my senior year of high school. Pretty sure he told everyone about it…

Keeping it in the family.

Masturbating in my Roman Catholic middle school’s bathroom because I was too hot and bothered during class from all the cute boys. Yes there was a uniform.

Did you go to confessional after?

I posted to r/gonewild and a guy commented on my pic. He asked me where I lived and it turns out he lives in my city, less than a mile from me. We met at my house on our lunch break, I drained him with my mouth and he came on my tits. He dragged his finger through his cum and wiped it on my tongue then we went back to work.

BRB searching for you.

Shortly after I broke up with my first and only boyfriend after 4 long years, my girlfriends took me out to a club.. and this bartender I kept getting was super sexy so I kept tipping him after buying all the drinks for everyone and after a few more rounds all my girlfriends were dancing as me and bartender were chatting away and as I got up and danced he came around the bar and pulled me aside leading me upstairs to the roof and we banged. Asked for my number afterwards but I didn’t give him it! He was the first and only one night stand I’ve ever had with a complete stranger and definitely something I wouldn’t do again but was quite the exhilarating experience. My girlfriends still to this day don’t know it happened!

You’re probably not the first girl he’s done that with.

Had sex for the first time with an inexperienced friend, he didn’t get me off. Texted my fwb on the way home told him what happened, he met me there and fucked me raw.

It was my first time. No need to rat me out.

4 different guys in a week and one of them knew about it. About the other guys, I mean. They all knew and were cool with getting fucked.

I haven’t even had sex four different times in a week.

Met a guy on Tinder, went out for drinks, fucked him, and spent the night. I then had him drive me home so I could get ready for another Tinder date that evening. I fucked her too.

God bless Tinder.

I was a wild teenager. Met quite a few guys online, some older, giving them blowjobs in their cars and sleeping with them on the same day we met. When I was 17 I told my mom I was spending the night at a friend’s house and spent the whole night fucking some 26 year old guy. Lots of public sex. Gave some webcam shows to strangers.

Was that even legal for the guy?

Banged next to a dumpster outside a very crowded bar-filled section of Seattle.

Are you a hobo?

Had a foursome with 3 male strangers in front of voyeuristic party guests. All the dicks, all the holes.

Good lord.

I pulled a hat trick- 3 guys in 24 hours. Morning sex with one guy, sex for lunch with another, dinner and sex with a third.

Enjoying a balanced meal is good for the body.

Literally played innie minnie minie moe over which guy I was going to sleep with(not out loud, at least). They were both trying to hook up with me, and I knew I wanted to have sex, I just had to decide who’s bedroom I was going to

Would have been better if you did it out loud.

Sucked a bunch of dicks for 5$ each to get my iPod back from a taxi driver I didn’t pay

Capitalism at its finest.

I had sex with a guy friend at his place, then instead of heading home I went to my fuck buddy’s house (2 streets away) and had sex with him too. Stayed the night there, never told him where I’d come from.

What’s with you girls and multiple dudes in the same night?

Recorded myself getting fucked by another guy for my boyfriend, who proceeded to tell me he jacked off to the video three times in one day. God I love him.

Your boyfriend is an idiot.

When I didn’t have a safe place to stay I would let guys do what they wanted to me for shelter and food (and drugs, because it’s a lot easier when high). Saying no would have been dangerous as well, I didn’t actively offer myself I’m really naive. Learned that I didn’t actually have friends or much of a family that year. Didn’t like it and it grossly aggravated my ptsd but I think that’s the definition of a slut?

Nope, pretty sure that’s the definition of a hooker.

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