6 Helpful Tips To Get Nudes From Her, From A Female Perspective

DISCLAIMER: In case you didn’t see it in the title, this post was written from a FEMALE perspective. Meaning it was NOT written by a guy trying to get girls to to send them nudes but rather a helpful, insightful female who is nicely assisting guys in this endeavor. Read on..

1. Don’t Ask

Girls are stubborn creatures. If you ask them to do something that they were already planning on doing, they might change their minds and decide not to do it just because. It’s kind of like playing hard to get or reverse psychology. If you ask a girl for a nude, she’s automatically going to label you an immature perv. I mean seriously, bro, she’s been getting asked for nudes since she sprouted tits in the seventh grade, and therefore she now views you as someone with the maturity level of a seventh grader.

Unless she’s the type of chick who voluntarily takes her shirt off at parties, she’s not going to just send you a nude just because you “asked politely.” Never ask for a nude if it’s a chick that you ever want to hook up with in real life because you could blow your chances. If you want to scour Tinder for tit pics, that’s on you, but you don’t want to be the dude on campus known as “Dick Pic Dan.”

2. No, Really, Don’t Ask

I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t have to explicitly say ‘can I have a nude?’ to ask for a nude,” but stop right there. Asking for a titty pic is still asking for a titty pic. Even if you say “jk” after she says no, you’re really not fooling anyone. Also, texting “tits?” via Snapchat (or any form of messenger for that matter) still counts. Sadly, you can’t make like Jamie Foxx and blame it on the goose (or Vlad) when you decide to ask for nudes drunk. While there’s a chance she’ll be too drunk to remember your pathetic text proclaiming “lemme c ur bootay,” there’s a bigger chance that she’ll screenshot it and send it to her entire sorority.

3. Be Patient

The waiting game sucks, but if you really thought that the hot blonde from Thursday night was going to send you a pic of her rack by Sunday, you clearly overestimated your dick game (it’s not that strong). Rather than prematurely forcing sexting before she’s 100% DTF (or ready to show that she’s DTF anyway), let her take the lead with the racy messages. Wouldn’t you rather deal with some boring ass “how was your day?” texts for a week and reap the benefits later rather than scaring her off for good?

4. Don’t Underestimate The Shower Snap

If you’re trying to get nudes, there are a couple tried and true methods that work without being too direct or creepy. First, there’s the shower snap. If you’ve got a life-proof case and/or you bring your iPhone in the shower, this one is for you. The shower or post-shower Snapchat is way more casual and acceptable than a dick pic, but still hints at sex without being obvious. If a girl is looking for an excuse to send you a nude, she’ll take this one.

5. Be Subtle

If the shower snap isn’t your thing, there are other similar ways to show off your bod and hint at sex without looking like a wannabe porn star or a desperate dude from Tinder. You can mention your “shitty” tan lines and complain about those to her via snap, or maybe something about how hot it is in your room and how you have to sleep shirtless. Yes, these are kind of obvious, but they still leave the interpretation to the chick. You’re not forcing her to send anything, but if she wants to show off her cute tan lines on her tits that highlight all the important parts, she can be your guest.

6. Get A Little Sappy

If you’re really feeling some pics and you don’t mind losing some manhood over it, you can always pull the “I miss you” line. But don’t actually say “I miss you.” That’s a little too corny and not a guaranteed butt selfie. Instead, say “I miss your perfect tits” or “I miss that fat ass of yours.” Sure, it’s not quite as romantic or #relationshipgoals as “I miss you,” but you won’t seem quite as lame, plus you’ll make her want to send a picture of the part of her that you miss so badly..

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