A Typical Good Weather Day in College

You wake up to sun shining through your bedroom window – something that you’ve been pretty desperately considering the past three weeks have been cold, grey, and wetter than the vagina of every girl reposting Jack Harlow to their Instagram story. Your friends have all made the decision for you by the time you get downstairs: nothing productive is happening today.

You all take the Zoom options for your morning classes while you plan a Spike Ball game for the early afternoon, and at about one o’clock, you head out wearing cut-offs and shorts and whatever else will make you look like the biggest group of collective douchebags possible. After an intense hour and a half of Spike Ball, you make the decision that it’s time to get a quick meal in before celebrating the good weather by drinking.

With a stomach full of Chick-fil-A and half a glass of water, you head to the closest beer store to pick up a twelve-pack. When you get back home, the speaker is getting set up while the a bunch of your friends set up lawn chairs and a TV to put on MLB games – baseball and good weather are so back.

It’s not a party, so the music is a good mix of 1990s and 2000s alternative rock songs that everyone enjoys except for the one asshole that keeps telling you to put on a new single from the Soundcloud rapper he’s been freaking out about for the past two and a half weeks. 

A light, relaxed day quickly turns into four hours straight of beer die, pong, and overall degeneracy. You have two assignments due at midnight, and it’s now eight o’clock. Your drunk, happy, and have no desire to do anything academic for the rest of the week, but you really can’t afford to miss these assignments. That’s when someone in your GroupMe drops both assignments fully completed. Let the degeneracy continue.

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Written by VinegarStrokes

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