I Found Out The Real Reason Why The Astros-Dodgers Fight Happened

I tried to get somebody to interview that was involved in the fight, but nobody wanted to do one. So instead, I had to put on my journalist hat and ask people what the fuck happened. If you don’t remember the fight, here’s the breakdown that I wrote yesterday.

The two Astro fans guys were chirping the entire game up till that point (bottom of the 5th Astros still winning at this point off of the Altuve HR), and the Dodger guy tossed his beer down and posted up at the end of the aisle. The two Astros fans were oblivious that the Dodgers fan was fed up with the shit-talking. It was mostly incited by the skinny taller guy that didn’t get beat up, which led to his friend getting the breaks beat off of him.

I know that this isn’t mind-blowing shit, but it was chirping that went a little too far. How don’t you realize that somebody whips a beer down to the ground and then comes to the end of your aisle? I don’t care how drunk you are; you should realize somebody whipping a beer to the ground when they are right in front of you. The fact that the taller guy was the one that started the shit and didn’t actually get beaten up is hilarious. Then he doesn’t have the balls to help his friend more after he’s getting his tires blown off.

And yes, the dodgers fan’s wife was VERY pregnant and put their daughter down on the bench so that she could get a couple of shots on them. They were all arrested, but the skinnier guy that incited it and that wasn’t beat up tried to run away (caught by the cops when he was leaving)

Oh, Jesus, I can understand wanting to help out your significant other, but maybe you should stay away from where the punches are being thrown if you’re pregnant. I wanted this kid to be also throwing punches, but in reality, the picture is sad. If the kid were from Philly, I would 1000% expect them to be involved in the fight. Of course, the skinnier guy tried to run away from the cops. This guy started the fight, watched his buddy get his ass kicked, and then tried to escape from the cops.

I don’t care how sad this picture is and that this mom might not be a Mother of The Year Candidate. I want all of the fans fighting.

What do you think?

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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