Imagine Being Expelled Because Your School Found Your Mom’s Only Fans

Crystal Jackson who is a mother of 3 sons created an Only Fans back in 2019 to repair her marriage of 14 years. Wait what? Before we even talk about her sons being expelled how the fuck does charging for nudes help repair a marriage? Jackson said that she thought posting risqué photos, and telling sexy stories would give her the confidence to spice up things in her marriage. Well, these risqué photos started making Jackson $14,000 in her first month. Now her Only Fans account is making about $150,000 a month, and I can only imagine the news that her sons were expelled will only get her more users.

Everything was going good for the Jackson family, mom was happily taking pictures, they were rolling in the dough, and the kids had no idea about their mom’s Only Fans. Then in July, everything fell apart as a dad from Sacred Heart Parish which is a catholic school found Jacksons Only Fans. Word spread like wildfire, and the Karen’s assembled.

According to Jackson, some of the moms at the school even sent an anonymous packet full of her risqué photos to the principal, bishop, and church in hopes that Jackson’s sons would be expelled. It sounds like some moms are just jealous that they weren’t making thousands.

Imagine being her kids. I can guarantee some of the students subscribed to Jackson’s page or found her Instagram, and I know I would chirp that I saw your mom naked. This is taking I fucked your mom to a whole new level.

After a couple of months of dealing with the bullshit of other moms, the Catholic school told the Jackson’s. “Your apparent quest for high profile controversy in support of your adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students.” All I can do is laugh everybody who knows kids that went to a Catholic school knows that those kids party the hardest, do the most drugs, and fuck the most. I don’t know if a mom having Only Fans will impact the kids like Sacred Heart Parish thinks it will.

P.S. Here’s the Only fans link I know some of you animals will subscribe.

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