It’s Never To Late To Live Your Dreams As A 57-Year-Old Became A Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

And 57-year-old Sports Illustrated bikini model Kathy Jacobs is the silver-haired mother of the movement.  “Old is the new hot,” a smiling Jacobs told The Post. The 5-foot-2 married mom of one is featured in SI’s 2021 Swimsuit edition, and is the oldest woman to ever be spotlighted in the issue’s 57-year history. (Sports Illustrated’s first Swim volume hit shelves in 1964 — the same year Jacobs was born). “I’m closer to 60 than I am to 50 at this point,” said the small town Texas girl-turned-Calabasas, California resident. “So to be in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine representing ladies my age is just the best feeling in the world.”

NY Post

Sports Illustrated now has a thing called Swim Search casting call where people can vote for somebody to become a Swim Suit Model. I always figured that some overweight dude was sitting in a dark basement creeping on Instagram accounts until they found their next model. Instead, Kathy was one of the thirteen new models selected in the Swim Search casting call because of this video.


Vote for Kathy to be the oldest rookie link in bio #rookie #vote

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I know that she is 57, which makes her the oldest rookie model ever, but let’s see other extremely attractive women near her age.

Jennifer Lopez Is 51 Years Old

Sandra Bullock Is 56 and Jennifer Anniston Is 52

Salma Hayek Is 54 Years Old

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition brings me back to when I was 13, and I thought that magazine was the greatest thing known to mankind. Especially when Kate Upton was on the cover, around this time when I would be delivering mail, and I saw that somebody was getting a swimsuit edition, I would chuckle. I’m not gonna lie; I definitely flipped through the magazine on my lunch break before delivering it to somebody’s house.

The people who search GILF on the hub can barely contain themselves. This is their dream come true, and if you like a much older woman, good for you. Here are some pictures from her Instagram.

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