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Kicked Out Of Sorority… Because Of Nudes

Now we all know sororities can be a buzz kill. At their best, they are a group of cool girls, with great gpas, who host wild parties. At the worst, they don’t let their members drink, post bikini pictures, or talk to boys. So many badass women have dropped or (even cooler) have been kicked out of their sorority. This is the dumbest reasons sororities have dropped our TSM followers…

“I posted a snap story with a nerf gun and they told me I was promoting violence.”

Being a liability for insurance with medal rods in my back and being republican.” 

“Referred to a man as “daddy.” Got sent to standards the next week, they printed screenshots.”

“Really happened….I GOT DRUGGED. I got drugged on spring break and had to go to the hospital.Posted a snapchat the next day saying “when you go too hard.” Just trying to make light of the dark situation. When I got back I got called into standards because the new pledges started a rumor that I was actually selling cocaine on the side. Had to spend the day with national standard explaining what really happened…. I got drugged.”

“Because my boyfriend almost got killed in Afghanistan so I didn’t go to recruitment.”

“Retweeting someone who had vodka in the profile name.”

“We had a sorority meeting about which guys are claimed and who we can talk to.” 

“Didn’t fill up an older sister’s cup the second she finished her drink.”

“Using heat on my naturally curly hair.” 

“Having depression.” 

“I didn’t show up to a meeting while I was in the hospital. Claimed I was faking it.” 

“Wearing camo print Uggs, or sherry’s, going to class with my hair wet, and wearing eyeshadow.”

Sent nudes to a frat boy who shared it with his brothers.”

“For not wearing underwear in my oversized tee.”

“Taking shots at 10 am at a sisterhood golf retreat.”

“Posting a topless photo at the beach where only my back was visible.”

“Hosting a pregame with booze when our pledge class was underage.”

“Kicked out because I was laughing too much with some sisters.”

“4 years didn’t last long, but neither did your son.”

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Written by Sofía Viagra

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