Number One A-Holes in America Right Now

In this land of the free, home of the brave, I’ve noticed that there is a great deal of assholes. A lot. Many people would say that I’m one of them, and those people may be correct in some regard – I do take great pleasure in, you know, being a dick – but there’s a special new breed of asshole that’s come along recently. This new type of absolute scumbag is typically a privileged white girl who’s barely had to deal with adversity a day in her life, but it also extends to the overall “woke” community. I know I hate on these people a lot, but this one’s got some real meat to it.

I noticed this new type of unbearable, ignorant piece of shit on the Fourth of July – while I was in fucking Peru, mind you. All over the internet, I started to see posts and comments about our yearly celebration of Independence that read along the lines of “There’s no reason to celebrate America this year.” As times gone on since then, I’ve seen more and more of this idea floating around the internet – people saying they’re “embarrassed” to be Americans, “Fuck this country,” and “I hate it here.” It’s everywhere, and I have to say, it’s the most pathetic, selfish, deluded, entitled bunch of bullshit that I’ve seen in a really fucking long time.

I will be the first to say that I haven’t exactly been a fan of the goings-on in America recently. The school shootings and violence and the Roe v. Wade things have been rough for our country, there’s no denying that. Whatever side you fall on in the abortion issue and gun control issues, there’s no denying that it’s caused a great deal of anger, sadness, and separation in our country. You don’t have to be a politically minded person to be upset that America is in a really tough spot right now. But there’s a big difference between being upset with things that are happening in America and what these braindead losers are preaching. Being upset with the government is something that happens non-stop in the U.S. Being able to publicly voice opinions directly contrary to the laws and regulations being put out by your politicians is the fiber of the United States. We as a country are constantly arguing for change in tons of different ways across tons of different subjects, and it’s a really beautiful thing that we’re able to do that. Sure, some of the things that we fight for are sad, hard to talk about, and controversial, but we have the freedoms to talk about, fight for, and ultimately change these things, which is fucking amazing, if you ask me.

But now we have this new group. This group that is out saying that there’s no reason to celebrate being American. That they hate the United States. That they think our country sucks. And to them, I have one big “Fuck you.”

America isn’t perfect, and no one has ever said that it is. But to sit there and say that you don’t feel lucky to be American or that you hate living in here is just plain ignorant. I get that you’re not happy about Roe v. Wade and the guns and police brutality. Not many people are. But don’t say you’re unlucky to be American. Look at some of the other countries in this world. Look at the true poverty that exists. Look at places where they legitimately don’t have rights. I mean Jesus Christ, there are countries out there that still have slaves. And meanwhile, you’re sitting in your air-conditioned bedroom with a phone that Daddy pays for sprinkling in a story that says you hate being American as a break from the seven in a row of you and your ~sisters~. Grow the fuck up. There are people out there that would kill someone just for their kids to have a shot at a life in America, never mind what they would do to put their children in your shoes. We may be living at a rough point in our country’s modern history, but it’s going to get better someday soon. In a lot of places, it’s not going to be better for another hundred years.

So just shut up with your whiny, insignificant nonsense and take a second to realize that you’re really fucking lucky and stop being such an asshole.

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Written by VinegarStrokes

Above average intelligence, below average weiner.

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