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You know the Prom Queen from your high school that wouldn’t have hooked up with you in a million years? Now take that girl, throw in maybe a slight opioid addiction in her early twenties, and you have Alia Donovan. She’s only had skin in the game since THIS JANUARY, so she’s just entering her prime. Unlike my past few picks, she is entirely natural, and her boobs wouldn’t melt in an oven. If you’re one of those pussies guys that gets all fired up about spider tack in baseball, this pick is for you- the purist. Let’s check the tape.

Yep…yep…all checks out. I actually have to leave; I’ll finish writing this in five minutes.

Because it’s her rookie year, Alia Donovan currently sits 1,761 in the PornHub 100,000. This number is going to jump up with time, and a few years from now, when you and your boys are crushing margs at Chili’s, you’ll be able to say you had eyes on before she was a Superstar. The good news: she must be putting in WORK with how many videos she has on her page so far, so I anticipate she will have a ton a year from now. The bad news: because she’s only seven months deep into making porn, her discography is limited.

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Written by Bobby D'Angelo

TFM middle school penis game champion. Rutgers student.

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