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The 24 Sexiest Women Of The 2014 Winter Olympics

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With the Winter Olympics in Sochi upon us in just over a week, it’s never been a better time for a preview of some of the hottest women from each country that we’ll surely fall in love with over the next month. Countless hours were spent making sure this list was as definitive as possible, so let’s put all rivalries aside for just a bit and be united under the sex appeal that each of these girls bring to their respective sports.

For the record, a Google Image search is quite warranted for more than a few of these ladies. With an obligatory, “USA ALL THE WAY!” I hope you enjoy.

1. Anna Sidorova – Curling, Russia


The skipper of the Russian curling team, Sidorova, really brings the heat to the ice. If the Russians’ uniforms look anything like this, I have no problem with them taking home the silver.

2. Julia Manacuso – Alpine Skiing, USA


This Team USA veteran took home the silver in both the downhill and combined events in 2010. When she’s not skiing, she models for Lange on the side.

3. Therese Johaug – Cross Country Skiing, Norway


If we spoke the same language, I’d ask this 2010 gold medalist out to dinner so fast. Hell, given the chance, I’d probably ask her out regardless.

4. Lindsey Vonn – Alpine Skiing, USA


Although she’s not competing this year due to injury, Vonn was a must for the list. She’s the Alex Morgan of downhill skiing.

5. Chemmy Alcott – Alpine Skiing, UK


This little blonde from across the pond is one of the best to bomb hills in Britain. Quite impressive, considering her injury track record which includes a broken neck at age 12.

6. Ekaterina Galkina – Curling, Russia


Another Russian beauty here who I wouldn’t mind getting some curling lessons from over a few vodka sodas.

7. Jamie Anderson – Snowboarding, USA


The 23-year-old bombshell will be making her Olympic debut in Sochi. Big things are expected from her, as she already holds multiple X Games gold medals in the Slopestyle discipline.

8. Kiira Korpi – Figure Skating, Finland


This gorgeous Fin shouldn’t be much of a threat to the USA seeing as she finished 11th at Vancouver in 2010, but her short program is performed to a Jeff Beck cover of “A Day in The Life,” so that’s awesome.

9. Sarah Hendrickson – Ski Jumping, USA


Just your classic American girl who loves to launch herself through the air at high speeds over a crazy distance. She took home the gold at this year’s World Championships, so let’s hope she can do the same in Sochi.

10. Vanessa Mae – Alpine Skiing, Thailand


One of the only athletes to represent Thailand in Sochi, Mae, who is participating under the name Vanessa Vanakorn, is also a world-class violinist. She just happens to be the best skier in Thailand.

11. Linn Githmark – Curling, Norway


The skipper of Norway, Linn is the absolute total package of beauty and brains. As you can tell, she has phenomenal fashion sense, too.

12. Ellery Hollingsworth – Snowboarding, USA


Unfortunately, Ellery was a late, and very controversial snub, for the US Women’s Snowboarding team, but I couldn’t resist including her here. She’s the first girl to ever land a 1080, and I mean, look at those eyes.

13. Liudmila Privivkova – Curling, Russia


By this point, I’ve pretty much decided I need to marry an Olympic curler. If I’m lucky enough to land Privivkova, I can tell people my wife is also a model.

14. Tina Maze – Alpine Skiing, Slovenia


Manufacturing hockey pucks and sexy downhill skiers, that’s what Slovenia does!

15. Alissa Czisny – Figure Skating, USA


The two-time U.S. National Champion is another American who will be making her Olympic debut in Sochi. I heard she’s really good at doing that thing where she holds he leg up in an impossible position, so let’s hope to see that perfect smile on the podium in 2014.

16. Anna Fenninger – Alpine Skiing, Austria


I have no idea what the advertisement is for, but I like it. Fenninger is fierce, but hopefully not fierce enough to beat out the American favorites.

17. Anna Gasser – Snowboarding, Austria


Apparently, Gasser gets a good amount of airtime, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that NBC gives her a good amount of airtime.

18. Gretchen Bleiler – Snowboarding, USA


If there’s one woman in the world I want snowboard lessons from, Gretchen Bleiler is it. The American snowboarding veteran has some of the best abs in the game, but she plans to retire from competition after these Olympics. Her previous best finish was a silver in the halfpipe at Turin, so it’d be great to see her finish of top this year.

19. Silje Norendal – Snowboarding, Norway


I totally renege on what I just said about Bleiler — I’d take lessons from this Norwegian any day, too. She’s coming off an X Games gold in slopestyle earlier this month, so she’s certainly a threat to repeat in Sochi. I really need to learn Norwegian.

20. Lolo Jones – Bobsleigh, USA


The LSU All-American sprinter has made the jump to winter sports to compete on the USA’s bobsleigh team. Among the fastest women in the world, there’s no doubt that Jones’ speed will be key if the women end up in a medal ceremony.

21. Tina Weirather – Alpine Skiing, Lichtenstein


I don’t know a thing about Lichtenstein aside form it’s geographic location, but if most of the girls there look like this, I’ll be visiting very, very soon.

22. Allison Baver – Speed Skating, USA


I’ve got to give it up for the 33-year-old Penn State alumnus who took home the Bronze in 2010. Word on the street is she has one of the best asses in the sport. Dwight Howard is lucky he met her before me.

23. Clair Bidez – Snowboarding, USA


She unfortunately just missed the cut for Vancouver in 2010, so I’m expecting her to come out with a vengeance on the halfpipe this year. For the record, I’d take snowboarding lessons from her, too, and I’d hold her hand so damn hard.

24. Claudia Toth – Curling, Austria


I really, really need to find a curling club near me ASAP.

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