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The Awfulness That Is ESPN’s Twitter Account

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Over the past five years, ESPN has become a hub for awful sports takes and the degeneration of intelligent sports debate. Programming like First Take, Around the Horn and SportsNation have taken ESPN from its once untouchable pedestal as the worldwide leader in sports and has brought it down to nothing more than a channel on which “experts” scream and shout at each other in generalities.

That kind of garbage has now crossed over onto their social media account. I haven’t followed ESPN on my personal Twitter account for some time now. It’s awful. I understand pandering to the lowest common denominator, that’s where all the money is. That’s what they’ve done with their programming, and they’re pretty damn good at it. I’m sure their profit margins have never been larger. However, there is something to be said about the damn near retarded use of their main Twitter account.

It’s like they’ve put their Twitter account, which has well over six million followers, in the hands of the most annoying sports fan you know. Not to mention this is probably one of, if not the best, social media jobs out there and it is in the hands of at least one idiot. A few examples…

My grandma doesn’t send me a check during Masters week, asshole.

I thought it was just Thursday.


What are you, the fucking sports police?

That’s generally how championship games work. Thanks for clarifying.

Wait, is this some high school kid’s Twitter account or is this really the best you could come up with during the biggest sporting event of the spring? Oh, both? Thanks for clearing that up.

Considering you haven’t covered the NHL since Britney Spears was hot, I’m gonna pass.

Absolutely unreal is an oxymoron. Also, stop telling fans how they should be feeling.



This tweet would be hilarious back in 2001.

Could you be more specific?

Schools can’t talk. You shouldn’t either.

Again, schools can’t and never will be able to speak words.


Wait, I thought it was Breanna Stewart’s world? Thanks for repeating your stupid catchphrase. The drooling masses of people who RT’d it should probably all get in a car accident together.

I nominate ESPN as the worst Twitter account going right now. Criminally terrible, like most of the network. There’s not a more embarrassing large Twitter account than ESPN’s. It’s probably a very well compensated job and to see it run like a goddamn 16-year-old’s personal account really makes my blood boil. I blame Skip Bayless, it just seems right.


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The Champions Tour is a writer for Total Frat Move and Post Grad Problems. If you don't know who he is, just ask your older sister about him.

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