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The British Dude Who Refused To Leave His Beer During The London Terror Attack Is A Hero To Us All

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london terror attack beer guy

If you’ve been following the news the past week or so, you’re probably aware that the UK has gotten a pretty raw deal recently. No matter what your beliefs on immigration, Syrians, Brexit, whatever, we can all agree nobody should have to die because they’re out at the pub with their friends, walking on the street, or going to an Ariana Grande concert.

Terrorists are assholes, but even moreso because they insist on continuing to fight an absolutely unwinnable war. There are about 1-2 billion people collectively in the Western world that have absolutely no interest in being part of a caliphate. The terrorists’ cowardly, disgusting attacks haven’t even managed to make a dent. The worst thing that they can do on a large scale is scare and demoralize us. And they can only do that if we let them.

Which is why this Londoner taking a break to grab his beer while fleeing from terror has become a symbol of the British spirit, and he has become a hero to us all.

From Unilad:

As Londoners rallied around and offered shelter to those stranded, one man joined the masses of panic-stricken civilians and rushed away from the scene of terror… but God forbid he’d spill his beer.

With his no doubt over-priced pint in hand, he walked away from danger and people are praising him for his cool, calm response in the face of terror and his refusal to be cowed by fear.

This man is a champion. I’ve been to London a couple times, and the pints are bloody expensive. No fucking ISIS assholes are going to make me spill £7 of good English swill under any circumstances. That’s like $12 a beer if the exchange rate’s bad. This guy’s a patriot and an economist.

It’s fair to say that if this anonymous bloke had given in — if he had spilled or failed to finish his beer — then he would have been letting the terrorists win. So he said, “Not today, mates.”

That’s an example all of us can follow.

[via Unilad]

Image via Twitter/@londonlass666

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