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The Cardinal Rule Of Picking Up Women

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Throughout my freshman year, I was perplexed with the way college opportunities present themselves — especially women. If you read my last article, I argued that all it takes to get women is not being a fucking moron, even if you’re a Quasimodo-looking toolshed. But I want to take this one step further. You dress normal. Your grades are in line. You’re not an asshole, and your 5.5 incher is getting anxious. You’re trying to go after that honey from Econ class, but you’re really not sure how to approach her at a party, or what to say, or how to prepare. Well, I’ve got you covered with two answers. The first one: Don’t be a demented weirdo — stay away from the Red Pill subreddit. The second: Stop. Fucking. Caring.

That theater kid from your high school, that one odd-looking brother in your fraternity, the guy at the party with the goofy T-shirt — all surrounded by endless amounts of dimes — talking, laughing, and dancing with ease. What’s the one thing all of them have in common? Not their looks, not their dress, but their attitude. They don’t try too hard. They are all fearless.

So let’s break down the reasons you’re not succeeding with women. You’re either too shy to talk to a girl, you’re afraid of getting rejected/friendzoned, you’re focusing all of your time and energy on one girl you like who is taking over your life and preventing you from associating with any other girls, or you’re a GDI. This article will address the first three, and will hopefully prepare you for your next night out while hammering down the cardinal rule of picking up women: fearlessness.

You’re Too Shy

There will be some girls at the bar/party who you can look at and tell right away they’d rather be at home in their PJs. Avoid them; don’t make them any more miserable than they already are. But in general, many girls who are out are prepared to be approached by guys, so don’t be scared to shoot your shot. Just know that you need to move along immediately if they’re not feeling it.

You Don’t Know What To Say

Here’s an example: it’s your first class back, and you meet a random girl who sits next to you. You ask her about her summer. You smile, laugh, and ask follow-up questions about what she says. Then she asks how yours went.


I know: you spent your time reading TFM articles on how to get girls, golfing at your dad’s country club, and watching porn. So… you tell her that you were happy to see your dog again. Then, you proceed to show her a picture of your dog that you have saved on your phone. She thinks your dog is cute, and you proceed to tell her stories about how good of a dog owner you are. Then, you say this as class is about to start: “I have a lot of pictures of my dog. I can send you more if you’d like sometime?” at which point she asks for your number. Boom.

I know that not all of you have a dog, but my point is that you can have amazing conversations with girls at parties or in class about shit like this while making subliminal hints to get her to ask for your phone number… all without her knowing how much of a lazy piece of shit you were all summer long.

Afraid Of Getting Rejected

I totally get this one. What if it’s awkward in class the next day?

A life of wondering “what if?” fucking sucks, and lasts a hell of a lot longer. Even if she says no, at least you tried and you have a little more experience asking women out, or even just talking to them for that matter. Also, if she does reject you, learn from your mistakes and do better next time.

Afraid Of Getting Friendzoned

Who cares if you get friendzoned? Being friends with a hot girl is amazing. Think about it: You walk into a party with a beautiful woman — maybe even a group of women — that every other guy is trying to smash. Your reputation goes through the roof. Girls know what other girls want, so you’ll have an attractive female there to help with your Halloween costume, teach you to dance, and maybe even wingwoman for you. You then think, the friendzone may not be too bad after all.

Focusing On One Girl

Odds are if you see your crush sitting around campus, there are at least 7 hotter women within a 50-foot radius of her at any given point in time. Additionally, by focusing all of your time and energy on one girl, you are missing out on countless potential opportunities and setting yourself up for an even bigger heartbreak when she is not interested in you, or you find out that she is dating another guy, or she bangs your pledge brother, or whatever else. If it’s meant to be, it will be. This is college, so enjoy it. Play the field until you find a girl worth focusing all your time and effort on.

So there you have it. I did my best to put to rest many of the hesitations you have about asking that girl out, or even just talking to that cutie on your floor. And once you get over these hesitations, you will have attained the golden standard of picking up women: the cardinal rule of fearlessness.

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Attempting to crack the female code - one article at a time.

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