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The End Of The Age Of Political Correctness

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I’m sure you can agree that this cultural wave of political correctness that has come over our country in the last few years has long overstayed its welcome. We’ve seen seemingly endless and boundless volatility and division, as well as a whole lot of noise in the time since this movement surfaced, which can be traced back to the end of the last decade. 2015 proved to be a huge year for the PC movement, and social justice warriors everywhere have been fighting harder than ever before for what they perceive to be discrimination and injustice.

This movement and its proponents have taken to every medium to inject their bleeding-heart vigilantism into every single issue our country runs into: race, sexuality, gender identity, self-actualization, foreign relations… You name it, they’ve protested about it. Too often, respectful public discourse and debate get thrown out the window for name-calling and talks of privilege.

However, there may be a silver lining in all of this. While 2015 was a pivotal year for PC culture, it was also the year that we saw people push back. All over the news and in popular culture such as South Park, we saw glimpses of a nation that was tired of all this nonsense. It seems like for every individual that seeks to deliver justice on our campuses, department stores, and on the internet, there is also someone who has had enough of this narrative and is calling bullshit.

So when does this all end? It might be sooner rather than later. The most recent flare-up of PC culture in the United States began in 1990 and seemed to end around 1994. In 1991, there was a saturation of news and discussion regarding PC culture, which served to run the whole idea into the ground not long after. If something permeates news and pop culture long enough, that’s just what happens. It’s a fad. So given that information, one could postulate that we might still have three years of this left. However, I’d wager to say it might be half of that.

The great thing about the Information Age is that everything gets shared and discussed at a much faster rate than ever before. The internet has given everyone a seat at the table to discuss this matter, not just news organizations and public figures on television. The discussion has moved to the common people, and many of them are fed up. Instead of a world of harmony and social justice, what we have now is a world of eggshells to walk on. Anything we say can and will be used against us. This is clearly not what any true social justice advocate had in mind, and more and more people are starting to recognize the inherent problems with this approach.

Now, I might be completely off the wall with this talk of a cultural shift. We might be years away, or even a decade. But I hope I’m right. You might disagree with me, and say that this faux activism is at an all-time high. This might be a silver lining in and of itself. More now than ever, the voices of these so-called activists are not the voices of the most. They are the voices of the loudest. They are the last gasp of something that has been here for far too long, and is dangerously close to dying altogether. In my vision for the near future, America sheds this skin, and grows a thicker one in its place.

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