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The Hundred Dollar Bill Johnny Manziel Signed Before The Browns Game Is Now Worth 10 Times That

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Johnny Manziel has finally worked his way back up to the starting spot for the Cleveland Browns, and just like any other NFL starting quarterback, the autograph hounds are securing his signature whenever they can.

JFF made news again this week when he signed a $100 bill before his start against the San Francisco 49ers, a game the 3-10 Browns would end up winning, 24-10. Manziel, unsurprisingly, signed the bill “Money Manziel.”

A look at the finished product:

Fans loved the stunt. Apparently, the owner of this particular autograph has seen his $100 bill skyrocket in value as the week has gone on.

From CBS Sports:

And while some folks might consider this a perfectly good way to ruin a hundred bucks, apparently others think Johnny Manziel’s John Hancock enhances its value. Tenfold.

Manziel signed the $100 bill for Caleb Leach, who later told that he had received offers well north of that.

“We’ve had offers up to $1,000 for it on social media, but we don’t know if they’re legit,” Leach said Tuesday. “We’ve heard from some auction memorabilia people, too. But I think we’re going to hang on to it and see what it’s worth.”

So how did Leach decide to have Manziel sign money instead of something more conventional, like a jersey or a hat?

“I had a new hat and I didn’t want him to sign a new hat,” he explained.

Smart move, Leach. Of course you get him to sign the hundo in that situation. But you don’t sell it this week, no way.

You hold on to that bad boy until Manziel either completely burns out or turns it around and wins a Super Bowl. I’ll tell you what, if the Browns take home their first Super Bowl crown under the guidance of Johnny Football, you will probably be able to retire off the money you get for that thing.

Patience is key, my friend. Lock that thing away until the Browns are above .500. Then, at least, shop it around, put out some feelers. You’re going to be a rich man one way or another. And if worst comes to worst, you still got 100 bucks.

[via CBS Sports]

Image via YouTube

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