The Military Is Developing Iron Man Suits

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According to CNN, head of US Special Operations Admiral William McRaven doesn’t want to lose another soldier in our fight against terrorists in the Middle East. That might seem a bit absurd, knowing how war goes, but McRaven has a plan, and Tony Stark would give it a huge thumbs up… then probably launch an incredibly powerful carpet bomb in celebration.

The project, abbreviated TALOS, (nice work on the cool acronym, Spec Ops command) would create a series of Tactical Assault Light Operator suits. These things, other than making terrorists piss their pants, would basically be the US military’s first shot at building powered suits of armor, which is a requirement for hitting the level of technology scientifically known as “really goddamn cool.” From the article:

Many of the technologies that could be incorporated into McRaven’s idea of an Iron Man suit already exist. “But they still exist separately. So they are taking them all and they are putting them together,” said former Navy SEAL Chris Heben.

Heben said if everything works out, TALOS will “take a group of guys that are extremely high functioning on the battlefield and make them completely unstoppable.”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the idea that the US military is developing suits of armor that give you roughly 17x lift capacity, a nearly impervious shell against small arms fire and low-grade explosives, plus extreme mobility and endurance upgrades is enough to make me want to sign up just to get one, especially since the HUD would let me watch Netflix and check Twitter while stomping terrorists to death in the name of freedom. The idea is to get these puppies out on the battlefield next year. I’m going to assume everyone will surrender to us within the first 6 months of widespread deployment of these things, though that could be delayed since the initial prototypes don’t have boot rockets on the features list.

[via CNN]

Image via Digital Spy


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