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The Most Outrageous Moments From The “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” Trailer

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The May 20 release of “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” is so close I can feel it in my plums. The last one was fucking hilarious, and judging by all the pranks, sex, and hard drug use I’ve peeped in the trailer, the sequel looks like it will be even better. I can’t wait. Neither can you. Don’t lie to yourself. To tide you over until she hits theaters, I’ve combed every detail of “Neighbors” as wells as the “Neighbors 2” trailers to find the wildest, most debauched, and most outrageous moments the series has to offer.

When That Girl Goes Through The Windshield

“I’m on painkillers, motherfucker! Kappa Nuu!” Oh man. That part had me geeking. Painkillers really do have that effect on you, though. I once had a fraternity brother loaded on Oxy get stopped by a cop while walking home from the bars. I watched from my front porch as he ate five taser blasts and a bean-bag to the dome like it was nothing. He’s got a six-figure gig at a bank now.

When The Kappa Nu Girls Use Their Sexuality As A Weapon

I don’t know the context here, but somehow Seth Rogen ends up in the sorority’s front yard, fleeing for his life as the girls tear his clothes off. His wife starts spraying them down with a hose, which backfires completely. “You’re only making them sexier!”

When Seth Rogen Tries To Escape A Garage By Propelling Himself Through An Opening In The Roof With An Airbag

The Kappa Nus lock Seth and Zac Efron in a garage to keep them from dismantling their party. To get out, the duo comes up with a half-baked escape plan by way of airbag propulsion. Seth misses the mark… by a long shot. At least they get out.

There’s also a flamethrower…

Hannibal Burress slamming into shit with a SWAT tank…

And pole-vaulting with a motherfucking American flag…

What more could you possibly want? Catch “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” in theaters May 2. See the full trailer below.

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