The Holiday Gift Guide For People Who Suck At Buying Gifts

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I hate buying Christmas gifts. I’m terrible at it. I don’t know what to buy people. I procrastinate. I feel the pressure of purchasing the right gift, something they’ll like and appreciate, as to not be labeled a shitty, mails-it-in gift giver. I usually overthink it all and wait until the very last minute, meaning I can’t purchase online because it won’t arrive in time for Christmas.

That’s why I’m getting ahead of the game here and putting my list together now. It’s below, and I’m sharing it with you. Important: If you’re ordering anything from Man Outfitters, you need to do it by Wednesday, December 13 for guaranteed delivery by Christmas.

‘Better Sweater’ 1/4-Zip Fleece by Patagonia

You’re supposed to have a Patagonia fleece. Everyone is. You probably already have one, but you know someone in your life who doesn’t. Yet. It’s impossible to go wrong with the Better Sweater QZ.


You’re going to want to wear your Floafers in and around water. Fishing for speckled trout off the Texas coast? Floafers. Doing gainers off the side of the pool for the Fourth of July? Floafers. Floating the river while tethered to a cooler of beer? FLOAFERS.

They’re floating loafers. They’re Floafers. Use promo code TFM10 for 10% off, plus you’ll get free shipping.

Grandex is in partnership with Floafers.

‘Good Times’ Sweatshirt by Rowdy Gentleman

A $39 sweatshirt that looks great on cool, casual days. Pair it with jeans and loafers and throw on some wayfarers and coif your hair and own the happy hour patio scene at your favorite bar.

‘Harborside’ PFG Fleece Vest by Columbia

One of the best looking fleece vests we carry is this Harborside by Columbia.

Yeti Rope Hat

The lightweight Yeti rope hat is a bestseller for good reason. It has a sharp, classic look and it’s perfect for a day on the water. The official hat of boat-to-boat waving.

‘Duck Fish Deer’ Pocket Tee by Rowdy Gentleman

RG’s bestselling tee shirt of the year is the Duck Fish Deer. Do you have a friend who lives outdoors and won’t shut up about his hunting and fishing adventures? This shirt is for him.

‘Barnsley’ Crew Socks by Smartwool

You know someone with a trash sock game. Stuff that idiot’s stocking with these super comfortable Barnsleys from Smartwool and put him on the track to success. These are 40% off right now and only cost $13.17.

‘Arbor 26L’ Backpack by Patagonia

This backpack is good for anyone in your life, from the outdoorsman who hikes and fly fishes on the weekends to the virgin who will only stuff this thing with textbooks and notepads.

‘Charlie’ Card Wallet by Herschel Supply Co

No one has a Costanza wallet anymore. ID, a couple credit cards, fifty dollars in cash — that’s all you need. Keep it slim. Keep it comfortable.

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