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The Reality About Gun Control

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Reality About Guns

If you watched the democratic town hall last night, you’d think our entire country was playing a real life version of Call of Duty in the suburban streets. Yet, unless you have somehow found yourself lost in the city of Baltimore, your odds of being affected by any sort of gun violence are pretty damn low. This simple fact, as is usually the case, does not slow the liberal erosion of personal liberty. In fact, efforts to “make gun ownership a relic of the past” are now about as entrenched in the democratic platform as abortion = “women’s health.”

What we cannot deny, however, is the shockingly high number of American deaths each year attributed to guns. Even Mexico, a nation seemingly governed by the cast members of Sicario, suffers less gun related deaths annually than the United States. Going forward something has to change, and that’s where the liberals are absolutely right. Yes, I did just say that.

Where they’re wrong, as usual, is with how to actually fix the problem. Just as having the highest corporate tax rates on earth would somehow protect manufacturing jobs (haha), making it difficult for a kid to go hunting with his dad won’t stop gun violence. In 2013, nearly 90% of gun homicides were gang related. Yet, for some reason I have never seen a Crip or a Blood in line at Dick’s Sporting Goods trying to fill out their background information paperwork. I don’t know, maybe I just go at off hours.

Perhaps not coincidentally, American police officers are paid similarly to freelance writers at TFM. An officer willing to move to Canada, the UK, France, or even Japan, can expect to not only start at a higher salary, but has a better chance of never using his or her weapon than firing it. In other words, our liberal nation spends more on social welfare programs annually than any country in the history of the world, but pays our police force, working the most dangerous “beat” outside of the continent of Africa, the least.

“But what about massacres like Aurora?” Good question. More Americans committed suicide in 2013 than Germans killed by gun violence since World War II. The United States has the worst Health Care system in the civilized world even trailing such “superpowers” as Colombia, Morocco, and Costa Rica. Amazingly, mental health care is even worse.

While legally purchased weapons used by healthy Americans to commit violent crimes are a minuscule percentage of gun related deaths, amazingly this is the target of the proposed “solution.” Instead of addressing a crime ridden, largely mentally ill nation, without proper law enforcement and a laughable health care system (Obamacare would fix it, right 2008?) we instead want to strengthen background checks, restrict legal models of firearms, extend waiting periods, and exclude CCW’s from an increasing list of locations. It’s like Amy Schumer getting fake tits. Sure it may look better, but the horrible problems remain unchanged.

Personally, I’m thankful a man enjoying his morning coffee in Seattle was carrying when a masked lunatic came in with an axe. I’m thankful for the time I spent with my grandfather as a kid, sitting in a blind at 4 a.m. learning more about life in a morning than I have in 3 years of college. I’m thankful we’re still a country founded on liberty, freedom from oppression, and personal choice. Good people carrying guns are the opposite of the problem — a system focused more on buzzwords and political gain than practical solutions is the problem.

When Hillary or Bernie comes up with a way to stop assault rifles being sold out of the trunks of cars, promote our police force fairly instead of make them scapegoats of a broken system, and actually treat helpless mentally ill Americans, maybe we can talk about making “guns a thing of the past.” My guess, though, is at that point, we won’t need to.

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