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The University of Rochester, Which Hazed Sigma Chi (For Hazing), Has A History Of Abusing Fraternities

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After reading recent reports, the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York does not sound like a fun place, or even a good place, really. Yesterday TFM News, via UR’s Campus Times, reported on the university’s gross abuse of power and deplorable treatment of the members of its Sigma Chi chapter, through their security officers.

Sigma Chi was not the first fraternity to be investigated by the University of Rochester. As the Campus Times story reports, previously the fraternities Psi Upsilon and Alpha Delta Phi were kicked off campus for hazing allegations. According to one reader who emailed identifying himself as a Psi Upsilon brother, the University of Rochester dealt with these allegations the same way they did with Sigma Chi. By “dealt with” I of course mean the University of Rochester used their security officers to detain, interrogate, and harass their own students to obtain information and confessions.


It’s cool, that you’re strong and I respect it, I do. But in the end, everybody breaks, bro. It’s biology. Now tell me who you paddled.

From the email:

Hi Rob,

I want to start off with introducing myself. My name is [redacted], but my friends call me [redacted]. I am a brother of Psi Upsilon Fraternity of the Upsilon Chapter at the University of Rochester.

I read your article:

I am not sure if you heard, but this is not the first time the U of R has pulled this shit. This is actually the fourth year in a row that this has happened. The first year was my fraternity, Psi Upsilon, in the fall of 2010. Dean Levy had security abduct our pledges and hold them for questioning without use of their phones or any form of communication. After 2 weeks of interrogations and “trials” and threats of expulsion (not to mention that there were only 3 weeks left in the semester), the result was that Psi Upsilon would be disaffiliated for 3 years. Every brother and pledge had planned on living in the house the following year and now needed to find a new place to live with a week left in the semester. The dean decided to impact 30 people and make us find housing during the time that we should be studying for finals and finishing the semester strong. Our fraternity is due to be reinstated next fall, 2013.

Dean Levy did the exact same thing the following year with Alpha Delta Phi. And then the next year with Delta Kappa Epsilon. This Dean of students is fishing for any reason to crush any and all fraternities at the University of Rochester.

I do not know much about the process that the other fraternities went through while in the Dean’s custody, but feel free to contact me if you would like more information regarding what happened with the investigation against Psi Upsilon.

The actions and events that the Morgan Levy, U of R Security, and the administration are unacceptable.


Psi Upsilon – Initiated Spring 2009

So apparently detaining and harassing students is commonplace at the University of Rochester, and an everyday, completely acceptable policy instituted by, according to the Campus Times and this student, University equal opportunity/affirmative action compliance director in the Office of Counsel Morgan Levy, UR Security Assistant Director of Investigations and Staff Development Dan Lafferty, Dean of Students Matthew Burns, and acting Director of Center for Student Conflict Management Kyle Orton.

Hazing: unacceptable at the University of Rochester, unless it’s done by University of Rochester officials.

Still wondering, are any national offices or the NIC going to do anything about the way the University of Rochester is treating their members/brothers?


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