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These Stories Of Andre The Giant’s Drinking Prowess Are The Stuff Of Legends

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Andre the Giant was truly a man among boys. He stood 7’4” and weighed in at over 500 pounds. While his size alone is something to marvel at, it’s his tolerance for alcohol that truly made him the eighth wonder of the world.

FOX Sports shared a collection of stories recited from some of Andre’s old drinking buddies during his heyday, and they are the stuff that legends are made of.

Hulk Hogan recalled how Andre would prepare for the insufferable experience that is flying by maximizing his time at the airport cocktail lounge. Also, imagine Andre sitting in the seat next to you. BRUTAL.

I get a call. ‘Hey boss I’m at the Tampa airport. I’ve got a one-hour layover.’ I was like OK, it’s 15 minutes or so from my mom’s house. So I drive over the airport and I met him at the Delta Crown Lounge. By the time we sat down we had about 45 minutes before he had to walk to the next gate. He drank 108 12-ounce beers.


Now think about the last time you were stumbling around during last call and the bartender took one final order from you. Now if you remember what you ordered, you probably didn’t make the most of your night out. But if you do, I’m sure you didn’t ask for 40 drinks… for yourself. Then again, you might have, but no one would have taken you seriously. That is, unless you’re Andre the Giant. Fellow wrestler Gerald Brisco shared this memorable last call order from Andre during a pit stop in Kansas City:

The bartender told Andre he could stay only if he was drinking, imagining, surely, that he would soon be rid of the big fella. Andre thanked the man, and proceeded to order 40 vodka tonics. He sat there drinking them, one after another, finishing the last at just after five in the morning.

What is the most beer Andre has consumed in one sitting? I’m glad you asked. The number is so astronomical it would make even Johnny Manziel blush.

Andre the Giant might be gone, but his drinking stories will never be forgotten.

[via FOX Sports]

Image via YouTube

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