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Thighs Are the Most Underrated Part Of A Girl’s Body

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A few years back, I worked a summer position on the east coast, making some money in between school semesters to help fuel my debauched lifestyle back on campus. And yes, technically I got some work experience out of it, but that’s really beside the point. It was a fun job, in no small part because all of us were organized into large houses based on age, not gender. I’m not sure what they thought would happen, but, needless to say, they must have trusted us more than we trusted ourselves. One of the girls there, let’s call her Abbey, was an absolute dime thanks to a unique but undervalued physical attribute that I have yet to see reproduced by any other girl. Her chest was average, her ass mundane, but her thighs were off the charts. She would parade both around the house and out to town in these characteristically short shorts, and I had to stop myself from asphyxiating due to shortness of breath on a more or less daily basis every time she walked past.

They were immaculately toned, tanned, and tempting. She somehow managed to pull off that look of being all at once incredibly firm but indelibly soft at the same time. Whenever she walked, they would flex ever so slightly to show off the perfect lines in her legs, having just enough muscle to display obvious athleticism. You couldn’t find a trace of cellulite with a magnifying glass, and yet, you knew they wouldn’t be overpowering either. I was reduced to a crippling mess of a beggar before her.

@tiffanygwendolyn from Clemson University. #TFMgirls #TFM @totalfratmove

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@olgsss from UCLA. #TFMgirls #TFM #UCLA @totalfratmove

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To me, thighs are too often overlooked when we talk about the female anatomy. Believe me, I’m all about ass and tits as much as the next guy. But if a girl has a nice pair of legs, it’s pretty much game, set, match on my end. The party line has been that girls wear heels to accentuate their ass, and that’s certainly part of it, but they also do wonders for a good pair of gams. They flex all the right muscles, and make legs seem like they go on for days.

I think that thighs hold such an appeal because of all the things you can do with them in the bedroom. They get hoisted above your shoulders, wrapped around your torso, or grabbed and pushed in a myriad of directions. They are literally and physically the things you manipulate mid-romp. And when you see them, it’s not hard to imagine yourself between them. Just running your hands up and down a soft set is enough to get me from six to midnight.

In addition, showing skin on your southern extremities has a certain degree of elegance and class that cleavage lacks. What I mean is this: think of the most refined, sophisticated event that you heathens can conjure up. Maybe a high-powered charity ball, or a royal wedding reception, or even a James Bond poker run. What are the women wearing? Something low-cut, most likely, but not excessive. Instead, where is the real focus? On the legs. Every dress has a revealing slit running up the thigh, with a single perfectly stilted leg appearing bare in the crease. That look is timeless and classic, and doesn’t have any of the slutty stigma that going tits-out-for-the-boys would hold at such an event.

@hailiebabbby from Cal State Fullerton. #TFMgirls #TFM @totalfratmove

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@ashley_murphy18 from Tampa. #TFM #TFMgirls

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So, next time you see a perfect of pair of legs and thighs, make sure you appreciate the greatness before you. It’s high time we start recognizing the sheer hotness and beauty of the female thigh. After all, it is right by the ass.

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