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This Bear Is Just Going For A Casual Stroll Around UCF’s Campus Right Now

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Jesus Christ, that’s a bear. That’s a goddamn bear just promenading around the University of Central Florida’s campus, giving itself a tour of Knight’s Plaza like a lanyard-swinging high school senior deciding where to take his subpar hacky sack kicking talents next fall.

I didn’t know bear sightings were all that common in Florida. I’ve since learned — thanks to a quick search of the old Google machine — that it’s not all that strange to see black bears roaming around The Sunshine State this time of year. Though I can’t imagine UCF students have been treated to such a close-up look from a member of family Ursidae. Such a treasure trove of cool bear facts on that ol’ Google machine. That’s where the campus police came in to make sure that all the excitable boys and girls out there didn’t make any rash decisions.

From WFTV:

A warning has been issued Thursday for East Orange County after there were reports of a bear sighting near the University of Central Florida, UCF police said.

Police tweeted a picture of the bear that was seen near Knights Plaza.

Police said bears are usually quiet and shy, but that people need to remain alert and be aware of their surroundings.

Police said people should not turn their back on the bear, play dead, climb or run away from the bear. Just slowly back away and speak to the bear in a calm voice.

So far, it doesn’t look like any bear-related shenanigans have gone down, besides some fun-loving Twitter jokester donning the mantle of said bear in the hopes of snagging some precious retweets from his fellow classmates.

What a hoot. On a serious note, I hope this here bear doesn’t find itself in the vicinity of any sororities. Because you know what they say about bears.

[via WFTV]

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