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This Map Shows What Each State Googles More Than Any Other State

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You’re searching for some strange things, America. Estately put out a map of the searches that each state enters more than any other state, and the results were interesting to say the least. Here’s the map:

From Estately:


I’ll now be offering hot takes on some of the more interesting searches:

Pennsylvania: “When is X-Files?”

It’s on Netflix, all the time. To be fair, I’m pretty sure the show has been continued very recently. Moving on.

Maryland: “Is Joe Flacco Elite?”


Tennessee: “What is the clap?”

Apparently it’s something you can’t get from your cousin.

Arkansas: “Who won the Civil War?”

I’ll take “Important American Conflicts That Ended Over 150 Years Ago” for 200, Trebek.

Florida: “Why does everyone hate the state of Florida?”

I grew up there myself and I even hate it occasionally. Hope that helps.

Louisiana: “When is Wrestlemania?”

Of course. Of fucking course.

Wyoming: “What is Wyoming?”

Wyoming gets a lot of flak for being boring and having nothing to do, but it has some of the best outdoor activities and scenery in the country. A common way to pass the time is apparently to get so fucked up that you can’t remember what your state even is.

Delaware: “How to get away with murder?”

Remind me never to go to Delaware, for any reason.

West Virginia: “When is Cinco de Mayo?”

There might be a clue in the name of the holiday. You can figure this out.

Kansas: “How to make meth?”

Trust me Kansas, if I knew, I’d tell you. You need it.

[via Estately]

Image via YouTube

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