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This New Card Game By FuckJerry Is About To Be Your Ultimate Wingman

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Maybe it’s tailgate on a crisp fall afternoon, a pre-game at the house before a social, or a normal Wednesday afternoon of day drinking. There are plenty of girls in attendance, but they’re all just kind of standing around watching brothers face plant during a dizzy bat run or casually sipping on a drink next to the beer pong tables.

Sure, they might take an occasional celebrity shot or halfheartedly get involved with a flip cup team, but none of these ladies feel that invested in the party. It doesn’t matter that you’re hitting it off with little miss daisy dukes over there; her friends feel left out and are on their phones the entire time trying to find a ride over to the Pike house. You turn your back for one second, and poof, her girlfriends Houdini’d her out of thin air and some roided up freakshow is reaping the benefits of the work you just put in the last few hours.

Where’d you go wrong? It’s pretty obvious. No one gave her less attractive friends the time of day and now you’re stuck with your dick in your own hand. And to think, it all could have been avoided. You could have been balls deep in that honey pot later on in the night if you just got her sisters involved in the action.

Now the easiest, surefire way to get girls to participate and enjoy themselves at any social gathering is to bust out a game that doesn’t take too much physical skill, is easy to follow along, and gets them to laugh. There are plenty of options out there, but now, thanks to the guy who runs the noteworthy Instagram account FuckJerry, there will soon be a no-doubt-about-it, go-to card game that everyone will want to play.


It’s called “What Do You Meme” and come fall you’ll be seeing it on the tables of every fraternity and sorority nationwide. You can get ahead of the crowd and preorder your set on the Kickstarter today rather than wait until its release in October. It’s the funnier, modern, and genuinely more enjoyable take on “Cards Against Humanity.”

It’s everything sorority girls love: social media, memes, and pregaming rolled into one. Just add some inflatable pool floats into the mix and every top sorority house will be kicking down your door trying to get in on the party.

Preorder your game on the Kickstarter here.

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