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This University Of Texas Sophomore Snuck Into Game 7 Of The NBA Finals With A Fake Press Pass

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It seems like every single time there is a national championship game with outrageous ticket prices, regardless of sport, a few ingenious fans find a way to get close to the action for free.

Such was the case for Micah Poag, a University of Texas sophomore and Warriors fan, who posed as a member of the media to sneak into Game 7 of the NBA Finals. All Poag needed to accomplish the task was a base knowledge of Photoshop.

From Vocativ:

Poag said he didn’t go off of any specific model; he simply Googled what press passes to sporting events look like and made a generic pass with Golden State’s colors, a picture of him in a suit, a barcode, and random numbers. Sunday morning, he got up and dressed how he thought a reporter would dress—in khakis and an Oxford button down, natch—and got an early start. “I got out of the house around noon to show up to the game extra early because that’s kind of when I knew I could get in. I was there about five hours early, and circled the stadium looking for points of entry.”

Poag was able to maneuver his way into Oracle Arena by finding an open door by a window washer. There, he showed a security guard his counterfeit press pass, and off he went, into the arena. Take notes, ISIS!


“I kind of stepped up and showed the guard my press pass real quick and she didn’t really say anything and sort of gave me a nod in, and I proceeded to walk past her. When I was about 15 yards past, I heard her say ‘Hey,’ but then I didn’t look back.”



From there, Poag hid in a bathroom stall with his pants around his ankles, pretending to take a shit. Because, in his words, “nobody is going to bother a guy taking a shit.” When fans started entering the arena, he ditched the disguise and hit the nosebleeds, where he poached an empty seat.

Poag doubled down after the game was over by trying to use his manufactured press pass to get on the court, but was sent packing because it didn’t say “All Access.” Know when to quit, kid.

It’s always amazing to me that shit like this works, but then I interact with security guards at sporting events and I’m like, “Yeah, I guess it makes sense.” Those guys are completely apathetic and clueless.

Pretty bold of Poag to already start boasting about his quest to Oracle Arena to the press. If I were the Warriors, I’d be pissed that this kid breached my security system. I bet someone in Oakland got a hell of an earful today. This was also almost definitely a crime. If I pulled this ruse off, I’d keep it quiet until the statute of limitations were up.

It wasn’t a perfect trip for Poag, however, as his beloved Golden State Warriors completely shit the bed against LeBron and the Cavaliers. Still, I bet it was a cool event to see in person, even though the NBA completely blows.

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[via Vocativ]

Images via Vocativ, YouTube

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