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This Week’s Worst Person In World Of Sports: Booing USA Fans

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USA fans

Before an American beat down of the Chinese that made Donald Trump’s “we’re going to win so much we’ll be sick of winning” seem somewhat plausible, the American Olympic basketball team was introduced to a small, but noticeable, chorus of boos.

No, this did not take place in the People’s Republic of China, nor some sort of ISIS-controlled shit hole, but instead right here in the USA. Right smack dab in the land of the free, home of the brave, where patriotism is encouraged and not met with execution or martyrdom. Our boy Teddy Roosevelt up there would have had none of this if he were at the game.

How the fuck could this even happen? The players inciting the disdain from fractions of the home crowd were Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. Not coincidentally, all three are members of the NBA’s new “super team,” the Golden State Warriors (without the squirrely point guard completing their 4-headed monster that some have suggested may be the “greatest starting 5 in NBA history.”).

Now, I’m the last person on this planet to defend the gutless decision KD made this summer (one that, in my mind, guarantees his lack of male genitalia). I’ll be screaming more incessantly than a girl mid-inaugural period at a Bieber concert if the penciled-in 2017 NBA Champions fail to hoist the O’Brien trophy, and wish nothing but bad things on the Warriors and their ring-chasing cunt of a new addition.

But, while NBA superstars, including my beloved LeBron James, enjoy their vacations abroad on banana boats off the coast of exotic islands while banging every Instagram model that breathes, and also enjoy being twenty five sitting on twenty five mil (somebody has to recognize that line), the roster of the 2016 Olympic team has instead chosen to sacrifice most of their time off for their country.

Booing them is not only insane, but it is against your country and the phenomenal athletes that will humiliate the rest of the globe en route to another gold medal for the Stars and Stripes. The ballers who cared enough about protecting our title as the world’s pinnacle of basketball greatness to sacrifice their vacations while others refused.

Playing for the United States is an honor. Doing so after playing more games than any other team in the NBA, as both Green and Thompson have chosen to do, is something to not only be applauded, but appreciated and admired. Booing the men in red, white and blue over the pettiness of an unpopular free agency decision is pathetic, it is beneath us, and it is shameful in the face of what these athletes are representing: the greatest nation in the history of the world.

I don’t care if, in 2020, the entire roster is comprised of one ultimate super team that the upcoming collective bargaining reformation inexplicably fails to safeguard against; if they’re representing our nation, they deserve nothing but incessant applause. Even KD.

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