Three Bama Sorority Girls Caught Stealing Frat Shirts Get Roasted On Public Facebook Page By Entire School

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3 Bama Sorority Girls Caught Stealing Frat Shirts Get Roasted In Public Facebook Page By Whole School

Girls love a good fraternity t-shirt. They love throwing on some norts or leggings, putting on a tee that’s a few sizes too big, and going to class. I know a girl who collected over 100 shirts during her days of undergrad sratting. A dominant performance for the ages. These shirts are usually obtained via friendship with a guy in the fraternity, or sleepover. However, some girls will go to the greatest of lengths to obtain said fraternity shirt: stealing. Just like these three Alabama sorority girls did on Friday.

During a fraternity party, three girls decided to take the shirts, and a hat, into their own hands and walked out with them. One of the members posted to the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange Facebook group in an effort to get the shirts back.


Dropped the mic with that last line. Brings up a great point, though. Shack shirts are earned, not taken. You want that t-shirt that fits like a short dress with my letters on it? Earn it like Matt Damon in Saving Private Ryan.

Since this post was basically sent to the whole school in their ticket exchange Facebook group, everyone decided to chime in and the girls were not spared.








These are just a select few of the comments made to the page — the post had a shit ton of comments. But the most important part of it all? All the shirts and hat were returned.


Good on the girls for owning up to the mistake and returning everything. A little public humiliation will make anyone a better human being — which is why some hazing is necessary.

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