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Throwback Thursday: Frat Cops

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When GDIs play Father John Misty at full blast in your apartment complex, they’ll be there to shut the “party” down. When a biker cuts you off on the sidewalk, they’ll yank him off by his dreadlocks and slash his tires on the spot. If some dork orders a drink that has more than four ingredients, they’ll swat it out of that sad excuse for a man’s hands.

They are… the Frat Cops.

If that didn’t get you rock hard, check out the sequel.

Did you see how energized they got after shotgunning those beers? It was like Popeye downing a can of spinach before going home and Madden-truck-stick power-plowing Olive Oil. Unreal. I’ve been looking into contracting some private security, as many of the Grandex higher-ups have been following me home as of late and taking dumps in hard-to-reach areas of my apartment while I’m asleep — I might just have to hit these guys up.

There are more great videos like these on the way. Starting September 2, we will be posting new TFM original videos every Wednesday. Here’s a sneak preview of the first video we’ll be posting, which will be the latest edition to the “This is TFM” series.

TFM Original Videos starting September 2nd. New video every Wednesday.

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Forget hump day — we’re turning Wednesday into slope day. Maybe you’ll wanna buy this Rowdy Gentleman shirt to celebrate. Shameless plug, deal with it.

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