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Top 10 College Movies Of All Time

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10. Legally Blonde

Elle Woods

Just playing. Well, I’m sort of playing. I had a tough time finding a 10th movie to squeeze in here, plus I know the broads love this one.

9. The Graduate

The Graduate

Taking it way back for this one. The Graduate may not be as relatable for some of you youngsters who are currently caught up in the greatest years of your life, but at the end of college comes graduation, and after graduation comes the real life shit. If you’re approaching the finish line, and you’re the “glass half-full” type, this movie may knock you down a peg or two. If your glass is half-empty, well, don’t watch it. Hoffman bangs his friend’s mom, though.

8. Road Trip

Road Trip

The classic college roadie — Road Trip spotlights one of college students’ greatest pastimes. This roadie goes halfway across the country and includes all the debaucherous activities you’ll typically find.

7. The Skulls

The Skulls

The Skulls gives us a look at the fraternal secret society at Yale University known as Skull and Bones, part of the fraternity culture very few are aware of. It’s basically just a bunch of rich, or soon-to-be rich, assholes running around acting like rich assholes in the middle of one of our country’s most esteemed universities. They get involved in some real shady shit, too.

6. Van Wilder

Van Wilder

Van Wilder takes the whole “victory lap” thing to the next level. He extends his undergrad to seven years, partying his father’s money away and refusing to graduate, becoming a campus legend along the way. Van’s father, Otter from Animal House, cuts off his tuition money after finding out Van was still in college pissing his money away.

This movie shows the experiences of someone doing what we have all dreamt about at one time or another, but eventually grow out of: trying to stay in college forever.

5. The Social Network

The Social Network

This movie has the least to do with college out of the others listed here, but Facebook’s origin comes from a Harvard undergrad who turned his back on an Ivy League education to create the most successful online social network in existence. Zuckerberg’s boy Eduardo was in a fraternity, though.

4. Back to School

Back to School

Rodney Dangerfield kills it in this ultimate “reliving the glory days” movie from the ‘80s. Thornton Melon, played by the boisterous Dangerfield, goes back to college — after donating millions to the business school — to keep his son in line, but truthfully it’s just an excuse to party his dick off.

He also nails a ‘triple lindy’ at the championship diving meet, then he nails his blonde professor.

3. Revenge of the Nerds

Yeah, so the nerds come out on top at the end of this standard Hollywood script, but the Alpha Beta fraternity in Revenge of the Nerds is one of the more hilarious representations of a top-tier Greek life I’ve seen. They perfectly embody the asshole-jock chapter, and Ogre’s classic “Neeeeeeeeerds!” line is still very quotable. There’s some decent T&A in there, too.

2. Old School

Old School

Old School is the greatest fraternity movie of the last 35 years. After Animal House perfected the outrageous fraternity culture on the big screen, there has been a lull in regards to authenticity. Old School comes close — as close as a movie about 35 to 40-year-old fraternity founders can come. It’s just a different kind of fraternity movie.

While remaining somewhat unrealistic and Hollywood-esque, it’s still downright hilarious and one of the more quotable movies of the last 15 years.

1. Animal House

The gold standard. And this isn’t me just trying to play to my audience. Animal House is an all-timer in every sense. It reveals the most accurate portrayal of fraternity culture over any same-genre movie in existence, and it’s a riot.

One often overlooked attribute of this flick is how it seemingly follows the typical Hollywood script: the comeback story of a likeable group (protagonists) that falls on hard times and comes roaring back to triumph. Except in the Animal House version, they don’t succeed in regaining their chapter’s charter. The only triumph to be had was the wrecking of the annual homecoming parade in typical Delta house style.

Note: College movies involving sports not included.


So, where will Total Frat Movie fall on this list? We have an opportunity to put together the most authentic fraternity movie since Animal House shined the light on the outrageous, yet sometimes heinous, reality of fraternity culture back in 1978.

Help us get there.


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