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These Are The Top 10 Hardest Partying Spring Break Cities In The Country

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spring break party spots

Spring break season is like the Olympics for your liver. You’ve been training your tolerance all year for one or two glorious, sun-drenched weeks of drinking, debauchery and rampant sexing. These trips live forever in your college memories and form the backbone of how the rest of the world views youth culture.

But is there any truth to the legend of spring break, or is it all just a boozy exaggeration? And more importantly, who parties the hardest?

Some data scientists from Project Know took to the dark, steamy jungles of Instagram this year to see what the reality of spring break alcohol and drug consumption in 2017 was on the ground. Compiling a cross-correlation of geo data and #SpringBreak hashtags, they’ve created this breakdown of which cities people are really raging face in. Here are the Top 10:


In case you’ve failed every Stats class you’ve ever taken and can’t understand organized data, here they are in order, with percentage of “debauchery tags” (and untagged pictures showing debauchery) observed in the survey:

1. Fort Lauderdale, FL (16%)
2. Harlingen, TX (14.7%)
3. Miami Beach, FL (12.4%)
4. Panama City Beach, FL (9.5%)
5. Las Vegas, NV (7.5%)
6. San Diego, CA (6.8%)
7. Orlando, FL (4.3%)
8. NYC, NY (3.2%)
9. San Francisco, CA (2.7%)
10. Washington DC (1.7%)

Remember, these and all the following charts are only a measurement of people who posted pictures of themselves getting faded, and morons who were stupid enough to actually hashtag things like #alcohol, #marijuana, #donkeytranquilizer, and #METHYOLOLOL. The same way congress counts one person calling in as like 10,000 voters, you have to think each one of these hashtags covers thousands of other people who are getting just as wrecked but aren’t posting about it.

Okay, that said, most of the cities are pretty obvious.

That Fort Lauderdale took the top spot should surprise absolutely no one. There is Swamp Meth in the drinking water there, and everything else is tequila. Interesting historical trivia: Fort Lauderdale is purported to be the birth place of “spring break,” when a college swim coach took his team there to keep them in shape for the spring season in the 1930s.

As for the other ones, I’m also not shocked that people in Texas, Florida, and Las Vegas are going hard. I’ve written in the past how great my beloved Orlando is for getting absolutely trashed. New York seems like a questionable place to #SpringBreak because it’s expensive and also didn’t it snow there just last week? In addition, I don’t know why you’d go to D.C. for any reason other than to get avocado toast and cupcakes, which I guess is some people’s idea of a really good time.

Let’s also look at a more in-depth caption breakdown per substance by each spring break location:


Overall, we’re tracking 76% of all spring break posts mentioning debauchery covering alcohol, 20% covering marijuana, 2% covering MDMA and 2% coke. Nice work, kids.

It’s interesting that Las Vegas actually had the most references to alcohol at 16.2% even though they were only #5 overall. This is probably because Vegas is one of the only places in the U.S. without open container laws; you can just sip booze on the street in broad daylight there. Harlingen, TX also comparatively had a much higher proportion of marijuana mentions than other cities despite taking 5th place in alcohol mentions and 2nd place overall, meaning weed and other drugs made up the difference.

How’d your spring break stack up? Let us know in the comments. Or, better yet, just submit it to Fail Friday, you dirty animals.

[via Project Know]

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