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1. Getting into hot water with IFC for running a hot chocolate fundraiser by the name “I’m in love with the coco.” #TFM

2. Telling the bar manager that he’s running a “bullshit Mickey Mouse operation” for denying your clearly fake ID. #TFM

3. Telling your risk manager to use earmuffs when discussing plans for the weekend. #TFM

4. Party themes that are offensive, but not “make the local news” offensive. #TFM

5. Admit nothing, deny everything, demand proof, and make outrageous counter accusations. And if all else fails, discredit all opposition. #TFM

6. Comfortably wearing shorts that show enough thigh to make others uncomfortable. #TFM

7. The United States having military bases all over the world, but not letting any other country have one on U.S. soil. #TFM

8. Adding “entrepreneurial experience” to your résumé after selling Addy for a semester. #TFM

9. I watched my blacked out pledge brother change the TV channel at a sorority house to Food Network, then shatter the remote against the wall. #TFM

10. Believing that you must take risks in order to manage them. #TFM

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