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Total Frat Google Searches

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One fraternity man’s life as told by his Google history.

what is Frat

how to frat

the art of frat

big sexy boobs

what is rush

conversation topics for meeting new people

talking about third nipple weird?

southern tide


boat shoes

one-day delivery clothes

big sexy wet boobs


how do I know if got bid

bid day

how many shots until death



hangover cure

how to fix dry wall

how to get pee out of carpet

how to get pee out of gamecube

how to apologize to roommate for peeing on gamecube

changing dorm room

how long does pledging last

big sexy wet boobs three-way

big sexy wet boobs 2 girl 1 guy

dinosaur tits

funny chinese man falling on segway

blue waffle

how to forget things

why is haiti so lame


does hazing really happen

elephant walk

elephant walk not animals

elephant walk myth

elephant walk gay if boner?

why is my poop green

can midgets read minds

how to buy drugs online

can everyone tell that I’m high

person gets high stays that way forever

are we all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively

pizza nearby

why do men have nipples

sex with hole in park bench

how to get dick out of hole in park bench

how to ask a girl out

restaurants for chicks

restaurants for chicks inexpensive

chilis nearby

do chicks dig pubes

pube hairstyles

pube hairstyles tutorial

how to stop bleeding from scrotum

first date conversation topics

how to get girl home

how to get girl home from chilis

sex in chilis bathroom safe?

fingered girl with spicy rib sauce on fingers please help

what is a clitoris

clitoris real?

lovemaking playlists

does sperm work if drunk

plan B

plan C

how to block number

herpes or ingrown hair

harry potter based on true story

hagrid and hermione granger fucking

hagrid and hermione granger fucking POV

quadruple amputee sexy sex

11 tits 1 donut

wall of tits

party theme ideas

mechanical bull rental

chocolate pudding bulk order

kiddie pools


how to talk to cops

how to explain underage drinking charges to nationals

why are nationals so lame

how to start a fraternity

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Alex Buscemi

AKA Boosh. Former high school back-up wide receiver. Author of two pretty successful Reddit comments. Recent grad from the University of South Carolina.

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