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Jack Harlow is FTG

Our beloved Jack Harlow, is truly for the girls. 

This past week, the ladies of the internet collectively decided that we could ALL pull Jack Harlow if we really wanted to. 

Bold statement? Yes.

True? Maybe.

daiquiriheiress on TikTok described the acclaimed rapper best when she said:

 “My thing with Jack Harlow is like, he’s hot in like the way that he sat behind me in homeroom and like he was funny but he wasn’t like a douchebag about it. And he would text me “Yo, you got the notes” and I’d be like “Fucking, of course I have the notes🥰” but I would like wait like 45 minutes before I text him back. And he would be like “You’re the best” and I’d be like “Shut up, no I’m not” and then we’d like hook up underneath the bleachers.”


It’s a very specific analysis of what TYPE of hot Jack Harlow is, but it’s an obtainable one. One we can all relate to, even Jack himself.  

He actually dueted the video and agreed. Saying in his caption “Scary accurate. Pretty much my exact high school experience.”


#duet with @daiquiriheiress Scary accurate. Pretty much my exact high school experience.

♬ original sound – alexis

We all knew a Jack Harlow growing up. 

Which is why every 18-23 year old girl in America feels like they could get with Mr. Harlow. He’s still super down to earth and all around just a normal dude. 

He’s like that scruffy kid you grew up with since elementary school who was always pretty shy but if you got to know him he ended up being pretty funny. Then one day your Senior year you give him a second look and realize he’s actually pretty hot and you develop this weird little crush that you never act on. 

No, literally he IS that kid. Check out Jack pre-glow up:

There’s a lot of analogies to describe Jack Harlow, but all in all…the guy fucks. And ladies we’re all so very beautiful in our own special ways, but let’s be honest Jack Harlow wouldn’t shy away from a 4. He’s a humble ladies man.

What do you think?

Written by Grace O'Malley

If Carrie Bradshaw drank a little bit too much and was originally from Boston...

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