The 25 Colleges With The Hottest Guys In America According To Tinder

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When swiping Tinder, there are a few main things people look for. A good, kind personality. An understanding demeanor. Their desire to raise children. LOL JK. Sure, in the long run, that’s what we want (as well as a guy who has a fat paycheck and is willing to get us food when we’re being bitches). But when you’re sitting at home, feeling single AF (read: horny) there’s one thing and one thing only that we’re looking for.

Some who’s hot.

Sure, his bio helps, and if he’s clever with his pickup lines we’re more likely to meet up. But if he’s got abs, arms, and that beautiful “this is pointing towards my penis” V, we’re going to swipe right. Every. single. time. So out of all of the schools in the country, which universities are offering up the most matchable men? Luckily for us (and our vaginas hearts) Tinder crunched the numbers and found out which schools had the best looking guys. Business Insider released the list and it’s pretty much everything we ever needed in life.

From Business Insider:

  1. Georgetown University
  2. Brigham Young University
  3. University of Notre Dame
  4. Texas Christian University
  5. Air Force Academy
  6. Yale University
  7. Dartmouth College
  8. University of Virginia
  9. University of Mississippi
  10. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  11. United States Naval Academy
  12. Brown University
  13. Rice University
  14. Tulane University
  15. University of Vermont
  16. Wake Forest University
  17. Cornell University
  18. University of Tennessee
  19. Ohio University
  20. Loyola Marymount University
  21. Miami University (Ohio)
  22. United States Military Academy (West Point)
  23. Mississippi State University
  24. Clemson University
  25. Boston College

Turns out, some of the top schools for hot guys are religiously-affiliated, Ivy League, and 100 percent husband worthy. But it’s not like we care. Beauty is on the inside, right? For the rest of us who don’t think that, it’s time to take a road trip. Georgetown seems to be calling my name..

What do you think?

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