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Two Irish Guys Got Hammered Drunk And Somehow Ended Up On The Front Lines Fighting ISIS

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Quick: what’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever signed up to do during a night of heavy drinking? Agreed to run a 5K the next morning? A tattoo of Captain Crunch on your ass? Getting married to that stripper you just met?

Don’t answer that. These two guys put your weak story to shame. They got so drunk they woke up on the front lines in Iraq fighting ISIS.

From The Mirror:

William Meara, 26, and Craig Reynolds, 24, were travelling across the Middle East for the past two months. A late night drinking session led to the pair befriending a Canadian freedom fighter who is part of the infamous Peshmerga military force.

“The next morning he decided he’d invite us out and try to get us out on to the front line,” Meara said. “We must have said something when we were out with him the night before and that’s how he got the idea.

The pair found themselves suited up, armed, and meeting with a commander on the front lines in a warzone.

Meara said he was trying to take pictures but “the lads were like ‘no stand back, this is serious.'”

The guys posted the whole story and pictures on their travel blog, which you can read here.

Look, we’ve all signed up for stupid stuff on a whim during a night of heavy drinking. What seems like an awesome idea in a warm wash of booze always comes crashing down in the harsh morning light of your killer hangover.

But to be completely honest, I can’t imagine doing anything differently. If I was out throwing back bottles with a bunch of Kurds in freaking Iraq, and one of them was like, “Do you want to go blow up some ISIS tomorrow morning?” I would pretty much immediately say “Hell yeah! Where’s the mortar at??? Fuck ISIS!”

In Meara’s own words, “it was the front lines of the only active warzone on the planet. When do you get to see that again?”

Bravely done, you crazy Irish bastards.

[Via The Mirror]

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