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Two Rutgers Law Professors Have A Very Frightening Stance Against Pets

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Vegans are insufferable individuals. A lack of protein has caused their brains to shrivel and their morality to shrink beyond microscopic proportions. If any of you cretins want to question that logic, meet me at the local 7/11 for a quick throwdown. Either that, or read a profile on Rutgers law professors Gary Francione and Anna Charlton’s “The Case Against Pets.” Just make sure you do so in a padded room because the whole damn thing will make you want to toss your computer or mobile device like a Mk II hand grenade.

From Daily Targum:

“My theory of animal rights is that all domestication is morally unjustifiable. You can’t justify domesticating animals for human purposes. That applies to not just pets, but also animals for food or for experiments or for clothing or for anything else,” Francione said.

Francione and Charlton own six dogs together, all of which are rescued from the Associated Humane Society and five which came from abusive backgrounds.
“We ought to give homes to cats and dogs and all other domesticated animals since they’re here because of us,” Francione said. “We brought them into this mess and so we have to take care of the ones that are here now.”

Francione said he loves his dogs, but if it were up to him to continue to breed animals so that humans could have pets, he would choose to not have dogs.

“If there were two dogs left in the world, and you asked us, ‘Would it be okay to breed them so we could continue to have pets?’ The answer would be no,” Francione said.
He urges those with pets to spay and neuter, and to adopt animals instead of buying bred animals.

Francione said over everything else, veganism is the most important solution, citing it as “a moral imperative.” Francione and Charlton have been vegans for more than 34 years.

Look, we here at Total Frat Move are all about rescuing animals in need. Taking an animal out of a horrible situation and giving them a loving home is one of the finest things a person can do. However, when you’re writing up a treatise on why people shouldn’t have pets, coming out and saying you own six dogs makes you a hypocrite. Sounds like something you would avoid in a law professor, but maybe that’s just common sense talking.

It doesn’t stop there, though. These lunatics go on to say that all pets should be spayed and neutered. Furthermore, if breeding two dogs to save an entire species had to be done, they would avoid it at all costs. Finally, in the name of what they consider GOOD, they offer the final solution of veganism. The two big takeaways from this?

– Gary and Anna are pro-dog extinction.

– Gary and Anna believe that their final solution will bring about a master generation of human beings. “Moral imperative” is just vegan for “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

I’m not saying these two are trying to spark a movement that leads to the elimination of entire species, but maybe it’s time to hide your hounds in the basement and gas up the B-52s. When you start sprinkling academic material with self-serving rhetoric, you’re literally a quinoa salad away from going to the nearest craft beer hall for a rally. Rutgers is currently reeling from the loss of tailgating, and sanctions like that are just the kind of thing that pisses people off. If Gary ends up blaming the dogs for the loss of school pride, take note. If he propositions separate housing for pets and their owners, flee to Delaware. No matter what, stay vigilant. We might be dealing with another charismatic madman.

[via Daily Targum]

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Karl Karlson

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