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U.S. Navy Commander Sells Navy Secrets For Hookers And Lady Gaga Tickets

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The headline says it all, in terms of what happened, and I have to wonder, which part of this story is the most embarrassing for the asshole U.S. Navy Commander, Michael Misiewicz, who sold U.S. secrets for hookers and the chance to watch a performer who often dresses like a hooker?

Is it A) The fact that he sold his country out? Or, B) The ridiculously low price for which he sold his country out?

“According to federal authorities a Malaysian businessman, nicknamed Fat Leonard, obtained US military secrets by lining up prostitutes, Lady Gaga tickets, and other bribes for the commander.”

“This is Navy commander Michael Misiewicz. He’s one of those who accepted the bribes according to new court documents.”

Benedict Arnold, asshole that he was, got a pretty sweet gig out of his betrayal. Granted, this isn’t anywhere near on the same level, but seriously? Lady Gaga tickets and some hookers? Michael Misiewicz, you’re a U.S. Navy Commander, which means you’ve been in the service, and serving overseas, for a while now. How are you not yet tired of Asian prostitutes? You sold out your country for what I assume is so common that there are instructions on how to deal with them in U.S. Navy field manuals.

In Misiewicz’s defense, having shady dealings with a corrupt Asian businessman named “Fat Leonard” would be pretty awesome. It sounds straight out of a James Bond movie. A Timothy Dalton Bond movie, but still.

Michael Misiewicz and others could face up to five years in prison if convicted. According to reports, Misiewicz moved around Navy ships for the profit of Fat Leonard and his business, Glenn Defense Marine Asia, costing the Navy some serious money and, of course, scoring the commander some SICK Gaga tix. I wonder if at any point, as Misiewicz was standing backstage, giggling and clapping excitedly like a schoolgirl he has his hookers dress up as, if he realized he was dicking over the United States basically to watch a live rendition of “Poker Face” from 37 feet away. Hope it was worth it, bud.

[via Newsy]


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