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U.S. Servicemen Captured By North Koreans Routinely Flipped Off Their Photographers

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Here’s your amusing history lesson for the day.

If there’s one thing Americans don’t like, it’s getting beat. So, when the crew of the USS Pueblo was captured by the North Koreans in 1968, they weren’t too thrilled. They were even less thrilled about becoming North Korean propaganda tools, and the North Koreans took full advantage. Of course, you can’t blame the North Koreans. It must have been pretty exciting to have something tangible to boast about instead of ancient unicorns and miraculous rounds of golf. The North Koreans photographed the prisoners as often as they could. The Americans, however, found a way to stick it to their captors.

The U.S. prisoners were growing tired of having their photo taken by North Koreans. The North Korean photographers were using the photos as propaganda, and the U.S. prisoners knew it. They had to come up with a way to rebel against their captors.

The idea was first conceived when the prisoners were shown a film about the North Korean soccer team visiting London for the Olympics. An image was seen of a man flipping off the Korean soccer team. At that moment, the prisoners had realized the Koreans didn’t know what that hand sign meant!

From then on, the Americans flipped the bird as often as possible. Of course the North Koreans eventually realized what was going on, sort of, and asked what the gesture meant.

When the Koreans realized the hand signal was always being used, they asked the prisoners what it meant. The prisoners told the Koreans it was a HAWAIIAN GOOD LUCK GESTURE!!!

Boom. Roasted. What a nice, little, and quite literal “fuck you” to their captors. The ingenuity of U.S. military obscenity knows no bounds, and dammit does that make me proud.

Here are the pictures of our boys telling the North Koreans to fuck off.





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