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Uber Made Ridiculous Money On New Year’s Eve Thanks To Drunk Riders

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Normally Uber is that trusty buddy of yours who doesn’t drink, doesn’t judge you for being drunk off your ass and always offers to drive you home from the bars for the price of a Taco Bell combo.

That’s not necessarily case when Uber’s surge pricing hits for big events like New Year’s Eve, though. Surge pricing on the night supposedly hit upwards of an average of 9.9 times the normal fare minutes after the New Year’s Eve ball dropped and it cost riders big time. It turned $20 trips into $200 trips.

Sweet baby Jesus, that’s a shit ton of money for a short ride home. You know how many Crunchwrap Supremes that buys?!

If you’re unfamiliar with what Uber’s surge pricing is, it’s essentially when demand gets higher than the amount of Uber drivers on the road. It turns out, when you’re several whiskey gingers deep and you’re trying to get an Uber to drive you and your New Year’s Eve crush to Poundtown, USA, you don’t essentially care about the surge pricing. You’ll care about it in the morning, but not right then, so you accept the charges because anything beats riding with a smelly cab driver that will more than likely murder you.

Most of these bills are absolutely ludicrous and cringeworthy, but a Canadian man is supposedly the winner. CBC reports Uber charged an Edmonton man $1114.71 CAD ($796.85 USD) for a ride home for him and his friends.

The lesson here is stop relying on random strangers to do nice things for you. Buy your own private driver, ya pussy.

Image via Uber

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