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UConn Sorority Forces Guys To Eat Dog Treats And Take Body Shots Off Each Other, Oh Hell No

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Girls hazing guys–look, I get it. It’s fun for both parties. It’s typically in good nature, and when you’re a 19-year-old guy who only cares about drinking and getting laid, you’re of the mindset to let a girl do basically whatever she wants, as long as it increases your chances of seeing her naked. “Want to kick me in the shin? Okay, sure, but can I at least see a tit?” It’s only fair.

The article from the Huffington Post mentions that the hazees were members of a fraternity, so we’ll assume they’re pledges. Still, though, a pledge getting hazed by a sorority girl is a pledge that much closer to the promised land.

We’re short on context here, so we don’t know the reason for the rigorous hazing session, but the Delta Zetas of the University of Connecticut put a few guys through some messed up stuff recently at a local apartment building. It got weird.

University of Connecticut officials have suspended a sorority as they investigate allegations that its members forced men to drink booze, eat dog treats, paint their bodies, wear women’s underwear and take alcohol shots off each other’s bodies.

Make me drink booze? Sure, I love booze. Make me eat dog treats? Kind of messed up, but I feed them to my dog, so I know they’re harmless. Okay, fine. Make me paint my body? Now we’re getting a little weird. I’m diggin’ it. Make me wear women’s underwear? You girls are sick. I’ll wear them, but this better go somewhere fast.

Make me take body shots off of my boys? Oh hell no.

The sorority has been suspended while the incident is being investigated.

[via Huffington Post]

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