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UNC Kid Stands Up In Biology Class, Declares That He’s Dropping, Then Drops Pants And Does Striptease

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Few things are more entertaining in college than a quality lecture disruption. I’ve seen a ninja fight, a fake (or at least what I assumed was fake) gay love quarrel, someone erupt out of his seat and scream into his phone about some absurd emergency (“WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE COW’S GOING INTO LABOR NOW?!”) and someone just randomly get up and scream gibberish at the air before running out of the room. I guess most, if not all, of those pranks were done by pledges, though I can’t be sure. Either way, that’s definitely something pledges should do, because it’s hilarious.

I’m happy to report that the lecture disruption game is alive and well at the University of North Carolina. Today, a random dude got up in the middle of Biology 101, admitted to everyone he could no longer live the charade that was his life as a biology student, and that instead, he needed to follow his dreams and become a stripper. Then he took off his pants and started dancing. Truly, it was inspiring.

Is it dusty in here? I’m sorry, it’s just–I feel such a sense of American pride when a young person discovers his or her calling and decides to pursue it freely in this great country of ours.

My favorite part of the video might be at the end, when the professor is basically like, “Okay, we get it, you have a bulge, now please leave.” Kudos to that professor for being as tolerant as she was about the stunt. Some would have instead frantically called campus police, who would have exploded out of their reclined sitting position in their office chairs, sprinted to the lecture hall, and tazed that guy right on his sack. That’s pretty much the standard campus police M.O. these days. It says a lot about her character that this professor wasn’t upset about the fact that, for most of the students in her class, a dude ripping off his pants and humping the air will be the one thing they retain from a semester’s worth of lectures.

All in all, quality prank. It was a great way to break up the monotony of a dull lecture class that most students take only because the university forced them to as a general requirement.

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