University Of Akron Professor Deliberately Gave Female Students Higher Grades, Which Is Apparently Frowned Upon

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Administrators at the University of Akron are not very happy with a professor in their Information Sciences department after information has surfaced that he was giving female students better grades just because they are female.

With evidence that originally circulated on Reddit, it appears that Professor Liping Liu was deliberately giving female students a boost on their grades in hopes that they would stick with his shitty major.

In a now deleted screenshot, one Reddit user posted part of an email that Professor Liu sent to students regarding their final grades for this past semester.

Was this the first time this professor did this, or is this standard procedure for him? If this was a known thing and some narc ruined it, then the ladies who took this course for the bump have to be infuriated. Like way to ruin a good thing, dick.

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Let’s break this ploy down a bit further, because the execution was actually pretty flawless. First, he mixes the whole “chicks get higher grades” thing in with legitimate reasons to give a boost. That’s smart. Hide it in between some stuff, and there’s a less likely chance anybody will notice.

Then he goes ahead and gives a real solid reason as to why chicks get higher grades, so that there can be more women in the field. How noble of him, right? That’s just going to build credibility.

And finally, he sends this information in an email to all of his students, which may seem dumb, but it’s just a cocky way of being like, “look, I have nothing to hide!” That’s the best part. He could have not said anything at all, but this guy has so much Grade A Fuck-it flowing through his veins, that he decided to shoot the whole squad an email regardless.

But even after that valiant effort, it still is painfully obvious the real motive here. While “national movement to encouragement female students to go to information sciences” sounds great, what Liping really means is that he wants more girls taking his classes.

How dare you try to fool us, you sly bastard. I see through your thinly veiled attempt at trickery. You just want more eye candy to peer up to the next time you’re getting into the nitty gritty of coding in binary. (Is that a thing? Not a nerd so I wouldn’t know, but I think that’s a thing.) 01011100, right?

The university has returned everyone’s grades back to normal, and it’s safe to say that Professor Liu is going to have some explaining to do, but I for one respect the hustle. Keep scheming, my dude. Maybe next time it will actually work.

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